Neel Trimarans

Everything You Want To Know About Neel Trimarans

Neel Trimarans are luxurious and fast vessels.
Neel Trimaran

You can determine Neel Trimarans by the number of its hulls. A hull is the lower part of a boat that meets the water; it is that part of a ship that projects into the water. In monohulls, the hull has a keel attached to its hull. Monohulls have only one hull; as the “mono” suggests, Catamarans have two hulls and trimarans have three hulls.

A trimaran has two hulls attached to its central hull; the three hulls give the vessels more stability and seaworthiness than their counterparts with fewer hulls.

What Is A Neel Trimaran?

Neel trimarans is a luxurious version of cruising catamarans, with innovations in construction and techniques fitted to get a strong structure. The different parts of a Neel trimaran contain superior materials and adequate reinforcement in the right places; they are so strong and unique that Norpol yachting described Neel trimarans as ‘unsinkable’. Norpol yachting wrote, “The hulls, bridge deck, and superstructure are sandwich constructions-fiberglass with PVC foam cores vacuum bonded using Isophthalic Polyester Resin. The interior bulkheads and furniture are also constructed this way and together with collision bulkheads all ensuring that the boats are unsinkable’. (source)

Emergence Of Neel Trimaran

Neel trimaran is the brainchild of Eric Bruneel, with the prototype being Neel 50, which sold the Neel trimarans to the boating world with its unique design. 

Neel trimarans brought about significant changes in the cruise trimarans setup. For instance, the accommodation area is now situated on the main deck and no longer within the hulls, as seen in catamarans and regular trimarans. The accommodations qualify with state-of-the-art designs.

Catamarans are fast, but Neel trimarans are faster. Neel trimarans are fast to the extent that they can move at more than 10knots in average weather, and this is a result of the unique setup of the boat and the outstanding outputs from its engine and sail. The Neel trimaran boasts of the unique hull setup in the boating industry, as it moves with its main hull acting as the main balance and its wing hulls just touching the water lightly, causing weak drag in movement. It explains how Neel trimarans came to be very fast. (source)

Advantage Of Neel Trimarans Over Catamarans

In terms of quality and seaworthiness, among other factors to be considered in boats, only Catamarans come close to the Neel trimarans. Their differences and edge above each other are discussed below:

  • Wider

Neel trimarans have more width than a Catamaran; hence it’s more stable than a catamaran on water, just like the same way that the catamaran has this edge over monohulls. It brings the weight distribution of the boats into question; the catamarans distribute the weight along the whole deck, while Neel trimarans have a centralized hull system, i.e., the heavy installations and engines in the central hull, which gives it more balance.

  • Seaworthiness

Using seaworthiness as a quality parameter, Catamarans can only reach an angle of inclination exceeding 12º. At the same time, Neel trimarans can get inclined on the sea at 32º. This angle of inclination, which shows the maximum restoring moment, shows how smooth the vehicle will be on the sea, especially when winds are rocking it. This inclination angle says a lot about a boat and how much resistance it can put up against capsizing. 

  • Unsinkable

Another outlook on the seaworthiness of both boats shows that: catamarans whose weight is distributed throughout the whole deck, while a Neel trimaran or even regular cruise trimarans have their heavy equipment installed in the central hull, which has proven to be an innovation that gives trimarans the air of being unsinkable, as the heavier central hull uses the wing-hulls as floats.  

  • Faster Speed

Based on speed, the two boats are fast and stable on the water, but the trimaran is the quicker of the pair. The trimarans are more rapid than monohulls and catamarans, as proven in an open race. Reports state that the superior speed of the trimaran is most apparent when it sails in the direction of the wind; on such occasions, it can attain a speed of up to 15 knots or more. In normal weather, a trimaran can travel at 10knots and up to 200 nautical miles per day. Imagine how fast they can run. (source)

Example Of Neel Trimarans And Their Features

Name of Neel trimaranNeel 43Neel 47Neel 51
Overall length43 feet47 feet51 feet
Overall width 24,60 feet27 feet29,18 feet
Draught4,95 feet5,2 feet5,9 feet
Air draft62 feet62,3 feet76,4 feet
Displacement9 T10,60 T14 T
Full battens mainsail630 square feet735,5 square feet1039 square feet
Furling genoa466 square feet538 square feet760 square feet
Self-tracking furling staysail215 square feet332 square feet
Name of Neel trimaran132 US Gallons158,5 US gallons160 US Gallons
Overall length80 US Gallons80 US gallons160 US Gallons
Overall width Diesel sail drive 50 HP1x diesel 60 HPVolvo 75 HP sail drive
DraughtNeel TrimaranNeel TrimaranNeel Trimaran

There are other variants of Neel trimarans. Still, three common ones like Neel 43, 47, and 51 were representatives of the Neel trimarans. 

  • Neel 51 is the most recently decorated trimaran of the trio; it bagged the best multi-hull yacht in Europe.
  • CE ICNN – Trimarans are certified for European CE standards through French Institute for Nautical Certification and Standardisation. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions About Neel Trimarans

Are Neel Trimarans Fast?

Yes! Neel trimarans are faster than most boats. Earlier in this article, we stated that Neel trimarans could attain a speed of 10 knots on a normal day without wind, and with the wind, they can travel at a speed of 15 knots and above.

How Much Are Trimarans?

According to one of the UK’s top trimaran-selling sites, Yatchworld, trimarans cost between £1,700 and £5 million. A Neel 51 is listed for sale on for $850,000, while a Neel 43 costs $395,000. (source)
The prices depend on the quality of the boat, size, year manufactured, and other specifications. 

Where Are Neel Trimarans Manufactured?

Neel trimarans are made in La Rochelle in France. (source)

Which Is Better, Catamaran Or Trimaran?

Depending on the user’s preference, you can choose any of the two vessels. However, based on general specifications, the trimaran is faster, easier to handle, and more seaworthy than a catamaran. Catamarans, in turn, have these advantages over a monohull. 

Why Are Trimarans So Fast?

The trimaran is faster than most boats due to the configuration of its hulls. The trimaran’s central hull’s prismatic co-efficient aids its movement in water without much resistance. In addition, the adjoining hulls can touch water lightly, thereby reducing drags in movement. 
The prismatic coefficient refers to the smoothness or fullness of the end of a hull. It determines the speed of a vessel. (source)

What Are Trimarans Built With?

In the past, people make trimarans from wood. It uses timber as hulls and bamboo as beams. Nowadays, trimarans made from wood look like regular sailing monohull boats. You should also note that modern trimarans had an upgrade, and wood as a significant component of its body is no longer common. Manufacturers also incorporate materials like fiberglass and polyester resin into the building process of parts like the hulls, bridge deck, and interior construction.
Many say that Neel trimarans are unsinkable because of the techniques and materials used in their hull. The hull of a Neel trimaran is vacuum-like, with polyester and vinyl resins as its primary building materials; its floors and bulkheads are padded by foams and made into vacuums. (source)
This whole structural setup renders this vessel nearly unsinkable.

Concerns About Trimarans

Over the years, there have been arguments about trimarans and their low patronage despite their obvious advantages over their closest competitors, catamarans. Boat racers have cited the reason for the low patronage of the trimarans to be their lack of enough space aboard. 

A user at the cruisers forum cited an observation about trimarans with more significant engines and speed capacity but not having enough space aboard. The user suggested that it may be the reason for the low patronage of trimarans in the market. In response to the last observation, another boat lover on the cruisers forum reminded the other users that there is a variant of trimarans with enough space and a speed merchant, the Neel trimaran. 

So with this observation on this forum, it’s safe to say Neel trimarans are a new breed of modern trimarans that is a head taller than the rest of the trimarans and as fast as the other trimarans can be too. 

They have the obvious advantage over Catamarans and monohulls, in terms of seaworthiness and speed, among other factors. A like or dislike should be a personal opinion, but its quality and advantage over others should be more of a fact. Neel trimarans are fast, stable, and spacious. What more does a boat cruiser want? (source)

Ahoy, The Final Thought

In the water cruising field or offshore exploration, some qualities are valued in cruising boats. They include seaworthiness, speed, and accommodation aboard. Monohulls, catamarans, and trimarans have these features, but none of them have it all. They edge out one another in different capacities. 

In 2010, the Neel trimaran was produced, with Neel 50 as the prototype; and they became the vessels that can deliver top-level seaworthiness, stability, and spacious setup. This new entrant into the sea cruising area promises enough stability to be unsinkable, fast enough to outrun most sea vessels, enough space onboard, and at least more space than its equivalent in other boat variants (monohulls, catamarans, and regular trimarans).

Every boating enthusiast must choose between monohulls, catamarans, regular trimarans, and Neel trimarans. One needs to assess every option available, the quality of each boat variant, the service they promise, and one’s expectations for a memorable sea cruise.

Enjoy the air offshore!

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