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Aquila Catamaran (Everything You Need To Know)

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Aquila Catamaran (Everything You Need To Know)

A catamaran is a double-hulled watercraft driven by an engine or sails. The boat provides much more stability than other like-sized vessels due to its broad beam.

As a result, catamarans are a continuous choice among liveaboards. It allows lovers to develop a living space while enjoying cruising. Catamarans can maintain ideal balance even in turbulent conditions.

Going out on a pleasant and comfortable sail may be a peaceful experience. But we must always be careful in selecting the best for such a task. 

So, Which is preferable between the Aquila Catamaran and other catamarans?

It is a great question! And, if I may be so courageous, let me reply with a question of my own. Why was Aquila Catamaran picked as one of the best cruising vessels? 


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I’ll take you through several of the most popular alternatives in this article. 


Aquila Power catamarans started in 2012 due to a collaboration with Sino Eagle Group and MarineMax.  

Being the nation’s biggest motorboat dealer collaborating with Sino Eager Group. Experts from many productions, design, and industrial firms, worked together to extend the Aquila line by creating a pure breed of power cat.

Lex Raas, an experienced boat builder and charter business veteran, led the global team with J&J Design Group, which had developed projects for;

  • Azimut
  • Bavaria
  • Beneteau
  • Dufour
  • Jeanneau
  • Monte Carlo. 

More About Aquila Catamarans

Aquila Power Catamarans is the global leader in providing high quality with over 40 years of manufacturing expertise. No boats on the earth provide more excellent features, longevity, and dependability. 

Lex Raas stated, “I’ve worked for the world’s largest catamaran maker.” The world’s largest charter company, and now the world’s largest boat retailer, have all been fantastic to work with.”

The following is an interview with Raas discussing his experiences in the yachting world.  


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How Did Aquila Expand From Constructing Power Cats For Marinemax Trips?

Raas tried to emphasize how small the charter business is in Aquila. The company only has about 20 boats in our fleet; thus, a charter is a small part of our company compared to other catamaran builders. (Source) 

In contrast to other manufacturers, the Aquila Catamarans are always designed as private cats and then adapted for charter. When I joined MarineMax, I realized there is no better company to sell boats. They are excellent and professional. They have everything a boat owner needs.

How Did Working At Marinemax Lead To Aquila So Quickly?

We launched MarineMax Cruises and Aquila Catamarans about the same time. We decided to concentrate on creating the Aquila Power Catamaran. I was fortunate to have Bill McGill’s backing as co-founder and then CEO Brett McGill.

We asked several builders, but each indicated they didn’t see a future for powercats, so there I was looking for a builder once more. We contacted Sino Eagle this time since they had manufactured some Leopards before, but there was a connection. 

I contacted Frank Xiong of Sino Eagle and paired him with Bill McGill, and we started. 

Here is the link for more info. About the history of Aquila Catamaran;

Stay put if you want to understand more about Aquila Catamarans or make the best choice. We’ll go through each in detail, explaining what you can get in size, appearance, and costs. (Source)


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Aquila Power Catamarans

Can You Choose Options For Your Aquila?

As before stated, the greatest type of catamarans for you to live aboard will be through your needs, tastes, and lifestyle choices. 

Some home alternatives are larger and intended for calmer seas. Better choices also provide the excitement and joy that adventurers desire. 

The following are the different types of Aquila Catamaran to live on:

Editorial Image: Aquila
  1. Aquila 32 Sport Catamaran

It Is Available With Twin Outboards Rated At Up To 600 Horsepower. She boasts a large cabin and bow for entertainment and overnight berths for two people. The 32 Sport Catamaran features the precise handling and wave-taming ride as bigger Aquila versions.

The 32 Sports Aquila Catamaran measures 32 ‘4 “ (9.85 m) long with a beam of 12’8″ (3.85 m).

The 32 Sport created by Aquila is to be a more cheap access point into the manufacturer’s line of cruising cats. She has a cabin in one of the hulls and a private head in the other.

Aquila Catamaran 32 Sports Main Features 

  • Twin Mercury Outboards
  • Ultra-Sturdy Boarding ladder
  • Convertible Stern and Bow lounges
  • joystick
  • Separate Cabin and Head
  • 5 kW Generator
  • Hydrofoils
  • Read more on 32 sports Aquila Catamaran, click here: (Source)
  1. Aquila 36 Catamaran

The Aquila 36 Combines A Twin-Cabin Cruiser And A Huge Bowrider. She has a broad 14′ 7″ (4.45 m) beam to allow lounging and sitting for up to 20 passengers. It has an electric grill, equipped cockpit galley, A refrigerator, and a sink. 


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The Aquila 36 Catamaran has already created a name for itself in the industry, having won two international honors.

So, why has Aquila 36 earned so many honors? And what makes this surprising new power catamaran unique in its category?

In 2018, 36 Aquila Catamaran earned the “Multihull of the Year”. With its remarkable features. The Aquila 36 Catamaran may be anything you want it to be with these;

  • Efficient and Adaptive design
  • Comfortable kitchen
  • Fast and solid.
  • Have a large entertainer’s terrace
  1. Aquila 44 Catamaran

An award-winning design team supported by MarineMax designed the 44 Aquila power catamaran. It is simple to handle, giving customers safety and comfort on the inside and out. Alternatives are open to accommodate a wide range of boating lifestyles.

Learn more about it, and you’ll find love with this now.

It has a beam size of 6.65m and an overall length of 13.44 m

  • To know more about this fabulous Aquila, as well as the features, click here; (Source)

4. Aquila 70 Catamaran 

Take a closer look at the picture above


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Aquila 70 Catamaran is the newest cruise liner vessel, making cruising perfect for families and loved ones. She has enough space to accommodate a summer vacation. They’re wide and stable with plenty of liveaboard space.

Aquila 70 offers a perfect ride and superb seakeeping. If you had to select one disadvantage of an Aquila 70 Catamaran, it would be that its broad beam makes it challenging to get a berth. Having a beam of about 27 feet, this amazing Aquila 70 comes into this category.

She wasn’t supposed to sit at the quay first; she was born to run.

Read more:(Source)

Which Versions Of Aquila Catamaran Have Helped Aquila Build Its Good Name?

Creativity is currently accepting excellent ideas and turning them into a fantastic concept. The steps from the diving deck are yet another feature. 

If you turn around the Aquila Catamaran, you’ll notice they’re enough to serve as chairs facing the ocean.

For the bigger boats, bulbs are at the front of the hulls. The catamaran has narrow bows and carries a lot of weight.

The 44 Aquila, for example, is a pretty small boat with a lot of height. When entering a wave, the bulb adds a tremendous amount of stability, which hinders the motion.

Where Are Aquila Catamarans Made?

In the Sino Eagle shipyard in Hangzhou, Aquila Catamarans are made and have grown in popularity in the United States and worldwide.


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The US industry launched the trademark development and the purpose-built location in 2012.

Who Owns The Aquila Catamaran?

Sino Eagle Group owns the Aquila Power Catamarans trademark. They are among the few Chinese boat builders and catamaran companies with extensive expertise in contemporary catamaran construction procedures.

How Much Is The Aquila 28, 36,44,54, And 70 Power Catamaran?

Because of upgrades in features and different models, prices differ. But you can get a price for the particular Aquila Catamaran you wish.

An approximate price range for each Aquila Catamarans.

  • Aquila 28: $265,000
  • Aquila 36:$459,000
  • Aquila 44: $800,00
  • Aquila 54: $2,549,000
  • Aquila 70: $4,000,000. 


How Much Does It Cost To Live On An Aquila Catamaran?

The monthly cost of living aboard a catamaran runs from $2,000 to $5,000 for a family of four and $500 to $2000 for a pair. Maintenance, food, insurance, and so on are all included. 

Price is a criterion, including the vessel’s scale, age, and state.

Why Are Catamarans So Expensive?

Generally, Catamarans are pricey because;

  • They are of fantastic quality, 
  • Simple to handle and safe.
  • Very spacious  
  • They need a large amount of constructing material.

As they are generally known, catamarans are suitable for both furious sailing and cruising.  

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the greatest Aquila Catamarans for cruising, all of the varieties of Aquila Catamarans described above are perfect. But an ideal cat to live with will be determined by each individual’s needs and personal changes.

Catamarans, in general, are the most famous vacation vessels, given their capacity to cruise the world. Seek something within your budget that has plenty of space and comfort and some fantastic amenities for various enjoyable activities. (Source)


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If you have questions, do us a favor by leaving a comment below!

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