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Are Ranger Boats Worth The Money? (We Find Out)

Ranger Boats

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Many people consider boats to be a luxury item, and some of the costs involved when buying a boat tend to support that paradigm. Ranger boats are a trendy brand in the Us boating fraternity, and they can sometimes demand a high price compared to other boats. Is the price for Ranger boats justified, and are they worth the price tag? 

Ranger boats are definitely worth the money! They are mid-range priced and sought after due to the attention to detail in design, quality, manufacture, and performance. They also retain a high resale value due to their quality and durability.

The cost that people are willing to pay for their boats is usually dependent on the activities for which they will use the boat. The seriousness of the prospective boater and their commitment to said activities will determine the demand for the boat and thus the amount the prospective buyer is willing to pay. 

Ranger boats are trendy in many sectors of the boating community for different functions. If we take a look at the range of Ranger boats and their construction, purpose, and perceived value, we will get an indication of whether they are worth the money or not.

What’s Different About Ranger Boats?

Ranger Boats supply a wide range of boats made from different materials and are great for various aquatic activities.


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They manufacture the following boat types.

  • Fiberglass hull boats. These are for bass and other species fishing and recreational boating.
  • Aluminum hull boats. These boats are primarily for bass fishing, with a deep v hull, and suitable for saltwater applications.
  • Saltwater range. These specifically designed boats are best suited for bay and intracoastal boating requirements.
  • Pontoons. These boats are intended to be multipurpose and can find use as luxury boats, cruising, or fishing vessels.

Boats are generally highly customizable craft and are often custom-built depending on the owner or purchaser’s requirement.

The most popular of the ranger boats are their fiberglass hull bass boats, and bass boats have a reputation for being on the pricey side of boat price tags.

Because of these boats’ popularity in the Ranger boat offerings, we will focus our study on these boats to determine if the sale price is warranted.

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Ranger Bass Boats

Fiberglass hull bass fishing and recreational boats are among the most sought-after boats for most inland waters, especially for bass fishing competitions. What makes these boats stand out from other boats, and why do they generally cost more than boats intended more for general purposes.

  • Brand reputation. Ranger boats, particularly their bass boats, have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. They have a reputation in the bass fishing community to retain their good looks and perform after many years of use. It helps them to retain much of their value throughout their lifespan.
  • Ranger boat construction. Ranger boats’ build is rugged and durable, but not at the expense of producing a beautiful watercraft that will make the owner proud. 
  • Purpose-built. The ranger bass boats’ build comes with bass fishing in mind, so they have every conceivable utility that a bass angler could want. From swivel chairs to allows casting in all directions, a flat, stable platform from which to fish, fish storage compartments to a rod and tackle storage facilities, the ranger boats are a bass fisherman’s dream.
  • Attention to detail. Ranger boats are built with quality components, contributing to their longevity, popularity, and resale value. Even the screws used in the construction of these boats are stainless steel.
  • Ranger builds the boats themselves with none of the building outsourced. The Ranger factory builds and customizes the boats at their in-house factory. It ensures standardization and reliable quality control on all boats that leave the factory.

Ranger prides itself on what they call the 5-star advantage about every boat that they produce as a boat building company.


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Ranger 5-Star Advantage

  1. Quality. The Ranger boat building company promotes its primary value in boat building as quality. Quality design, quality parts, and a final quality product that leaves the factory.
  2. Performance. Performance is not only regarding the boat’s speed but also how well it performs for the boat’s intended activity.
  3. Innovation. The Ranger boat company is continually improving their designs, which they do in-house to ensure that their boats incorporate the latest tech and design parameters that ensure a top-quality end product.
  4. Safety. Producing boats that are as safe as they can be for their intended function is one of the cornerstones of the production team’s ethos.
  5. Resale. Producing a boat that retains its resale value is easy if all the other 4 points achieve excellence.

Climbing aboard a Ranger boat, you can feel the difference in the boat’s quality and design and its components and how the boat feels like a complete unit rather than several parts bolted together!

You do not get problems from inferior quality parts or bad quality on these boats, such as loose or ill-fitting compartment lids and closures!

How Much Do Ranger Boats Cost?

Ranger boats, you will be surprised to find out, are not the most expensive bass boats around, but they are not cheap.

A brand new Ranger bass boat will cost you in the region of $30,000 – $60,000, depending on the customizations you request when you order your boat.

Average bass fishing boat prices range between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000, which generally puts a Ranger boat somewhere around the mid-price to upper price of this average price range for this type of boat.

Can you get bass bats cheaper than $20,000? Yes, you most certainly can. Will it be a good boat? Yes, it could be a good boat, but will it be worth the money and retain its value over many years of use?


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You can also easily find bass boats with a price tag over $80,000, and whether or not these boats are worth their price tag is a topic for another post!

Summary Of Boat Price Ranges

Entry Level Bass Boats$10 000 – $20 000
Mid-Range Bass Boats$20 000 – $50 000
Ranger Bass Boats$30 000 – $60 000
Top-end Bass Boats$50 000 – $80 000 +
Typical Bass Boat Price Ranges

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ModelFeatures2020 Price Range2018 Price Range
Comanche Z518Length: 18-feet
Beam: 94-inches
Fuel capacity: 37 Gal
Passengers: 4
Hull: Fiberglass
Fishbox: 24 Gal with pump
Trolling Motor Included
$41,000 – $47,000$39,000 – $45,000
Comanche Z519Length: 19.5-feet
Beam: 95-inches
Fuel capacity: 37 Gal
Passengers: 5
Hull: Fiberglass
Fishbox: 26 Gal with pump
Trolling Motor Included
$52,000 – $60,000$49,000 – $57 000
Comanche Z520Length: 20.92-feet
Beam: 97-inches
Fuel capacity: 45 Gal
Passengers: 5
Hull: Fiberglass
Fishbox: 31 Gal with pump
Trolling Motor Included
$59,000 – $68,000$52,000 – $60,000
Price Examples For Some Popular Ranger Boat Models

At a reasonable price range that is well within the average spend on bass boats around the country, a Ranger boat is a choice that most owners of these boats have been glad to make.

The boats can also be custom ordered with additions and modifications that can tailor-make the boat for your specific requirements. It is another reason why this American made boat is popular in the boating community as being a cut above many other manufacturers that produce stock standard boats.

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Is The Cost Of Ranger Boats Justified?

The popularity of these boats in the boating community and the fact that they retain their resale value better than many other boats are all points that validate the idea that these boats’ cost is justified.

When coupled with the fact that the quality of the materials used to build the Ranger boats makes them extremely durable and long-lasting, there is no doubt that the cost is justified.


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Considering the value that you get in these boats and that the purchase price is not exorbitant, they are not only worth the price, but you also get a lot of value for your money.

The Final Thought On Ranger Boats

I just love Ranger Boats. I don’t own one yet but I got to spend a week with one two years ago and I haven’t forgotten it for a moment. What a great boat. Fit and finish were superb and I even liked the seats. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable ride, no matter how pretty. But the Ranger wasn’t just good looks. It had the build to back it up. Color me impressed.
Jeremy Shantz, avid boating technology enthusiast.

When people are shopping in the marketplace for a new boat or even an excellent secondhand boat, one of the leading brands recommended by online searches and fellow boat owners is the Ranger boat.

If you are shopping around for a secondhand boat, expect to pay a little more for a used Ranger boat, but you can be confident that even used, there will be significant value in the boat, and it will be a worthwhile choice.

If you are in the position to buy a new Ranger boat, you can buy with confidence, knowing that this boat will give you many reliable years of fun in the sun on the water. 

The reliability and quality of these boats have made boat owners dedicated proponents of the Ranger boat brand, and there is not often that people have a bad word to say about these watercraft.

Take a look at this video below about building ranger boats.



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