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AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter – Almost Too Much Fun

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter

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In the world full of anxieties and worries, water sports have proven to be one of the best cures for the human mind. People like to go in the water to swim, dive, or snorkel around to find relief from the perplexing life we all face if only to gain peace of mind. And kicking it up a notch with a jet sea scooter sounds like a lot of fun to us.

Sea scooters are one of the most used aqua products for a great underwater experience. There have been many complaints of accidents due to bad quality or less durability of sea scooters for which one must try and find a very durable, reliable, and robust sea scooter with a high battery backup for an extended stay in the water. 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is an answer to all those worries: a powerful battery backup, durability, and reliable rust-free motors. 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is the only aqua scooter with three camera mounts and a 2 in 1 mode to support both one hand and two hand operations. Some of the great qualities AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has are listed below.  

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter - 2-in-1 Modular System
AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter – 2-in-1 Modular System

Modulor 2-In-1 Build

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter can be used solo or two can run in tandem with the modular system. It is one of the very few underwater scooters that have this quality. 


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This unique quality makes it a great choice to get a match for his diving style because the modular has an intuitive design that enhances the efficiency of the device. 

The modular system has a 2 in 1 capability, which can support both one hand and two hand operations. The modular system’s design is such that it can connect two Magic Jets, which can let its thrust become double.


AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has a very stylish, sleek design with a decent looking color combination of yellow and black. 

It is as slim with product dimensions of 14.2″ x 7.2″ x 15.2″ and as light as just 7.94 pounds in weight. It is portable and easy to carry from one place to another. And it is safe enough to take in an Airplane. 

Very Power Full Motor 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has a mighty motor. It can take you to a high speed of 1.8 meters per second or 4 miles per hour. And to a depth of 50 m, which equals about 164 ft. 

It means if someone wants to swim like a dolphin and is enthusiastic about swimming or snorkeling as fast as 4 miles per hour or want a dive of more than 160 ft, AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter can take him/her to that depth. 

Speed Control Toggle Switch 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has a speed control toggle switch, which means it can run on variable velocities. The device has a low speed of 2 miles per hour and a high speed of 4 miles per hour. And is effortless to toggle in between them with a single switch.


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Battery Power 

One of the best features of AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is its battery. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery. The battery produces 2.2-volt potential by its six plates having a power of 700 milliamp-hour or 155.4 watt-hours. 

It has 100 minutes of underwater battery run time. And It has a unique underwater replacement design such that it is simple to exchange in seconds, even underwater. 

A LED indicator is also available on the device, which shows the battery power to the user. Usually, a diver can have two 160 ft dives with one battery charge at 4 miles per hour.

ECO Friendly

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has an ECO-friendly design. It never pollutes the water, running on purely electric with zero emissions.

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has some great extended features!
AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has some great extended features!

Camera Mounts

Underwater scooters typically support one camera mount. AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is a fantastic aqua scooter with three camera mounts and supports three cameras. It means you can take your picture from any angle you like. Amazing to record or capture fun moments in the water. 

Low Price

A product with the features of AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter should cost in the thousands of dollars. It comes in at well under a thousand, making it affordable and cost-effective for snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming.


AQUAROBOTMAN offers a one-year limited warranty for its main motor. Upon following a few terms and conditions, a user is eligible for repair or replacement without any extra charges. It also offers a 180 days limited battery warranty. 


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The packaged weight for AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is 14.5 pounds. And it contains one magic jet scooter, its battery, and a charger. It includes one connector bundle, a quick start guide with the instructions to operate the scooter, and warranty documents for both motor and battery.

Jet Sea Scooter Extended Features
Jet Sea Scooter Extended Features

Safety Features 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has some exceptional safety features which can make your underwater experience safe; these include the following. 

  • Naturally Buoyant – If the battery dies or the rider loses his hold on the device, the device can take itself back to the surface. It is an astounding and useful feature that increases the reliability of the product.  
  • LED Indicator For Battery – In the case of the sea scooters, the worst thing that can happen is to lose battery power. AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has a LED indicator that always notifies its rider about charging the battery and indicates when the battery power is down. 
  • Safety from Propeller Blades – AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has a guard around the propeller, which can protect the swimmer’s body parts from getting hurt from turbine blades. If this propeller guard installation is not correct on the sea scooter, there is an excellent chance of the hands, arms, or fingers of the rider of the sea scooter to get nicked by blades of the turbine.
  • Heat Sink – The motor of the Jet Sea Scooter cools off quickly if it gets warm. And the design of the motor is such that it maintains a specified temperature well. And this means from the first moment to the last moment the sea scooter is active; it maintains its performance and temperature. Thus the performance is never affected by the warmth of the motor, nor do you need to concern yourself with its overheating.
  • Very Secure Battery – The battery is fully covered and sealed; its design reduces the risk of contamination by water or damaging the gear for diving.
  • Rust and Corrosion Free – AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is anti-corrosive and rust-free. It means it has leakage prevention and is never affected by water. It is fully waterproof and has control over the malfunctioning of the device.
This boating gadget is great for diving, scuba or snorkeling off the boat.
This boating gadget is great for diving, scuba or snorkeling off the boat.

Safety Precautions

When using AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter or any underwater scooter, some safety precautions must be followed.

  • One should never dive deeper than trained to do safely. 
  • Battery should have a full charge when starting a dive, and the battery indicator continuously checked for battery status.
  • Children below the age of 14 years and older adults of the age of 60 plus are not allowed to use sea scooters. Pregnant ladies and patients are also forbidden to do so. Use common sense. 
  • One must not wear loose clothing or jewelry while using an underwater scooter.
  • Do not go for a swim or dive with an aqua scooter with unkempt hair. Propellers may entangle hair, and therefore, hair must always be tied back.
  • Do not extend your fingers to the propeller ever. 
  • Do not put any external object in the propeller.

Some Common Issues and Their Solutions

There are some pervasive issues that users of underwater scooters face.  

  • The battery connector may sometimes get some external particles on it. Battery connector issues cause low battery timing and even difficulty getting the scooter started. Clean the battery connector with a dry cloth before use.
  • The device may not turn on instantly when you keep it unused for a long time. The best way is to charge the battery and then try to start again.
  • The propeller may be facing a blockage due to any external object coming inside the propeller guard. Just wash or clean the propeller properly.
  • If the device does any abnormal operation, restart the device. 

Concluding Thoughts About The ARM Magic Jet Sea Scooter

If you are planning to have a fast, reliable, and full-on enjoyment underwater swim, snorkel, or scuba dive, AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter is the best choice for you. 

It is reliable, fast, secure, robust, and eco friendly. It has multiple camera mounts to capture the fun moments from different angles. And a powerful battery that can keep your underwater adventure as long as up to 100 min. 

AQUAROBOTMAN Magic Jet Sea Scooter has an incredible 100% 5-star rating from its satisfied customers. 


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