The Canoes category covers the basic concepts that dictate the use of the canoe. From world record speeds to building, construction, and general use, we cover everything canoe.

Christine waves hello from the fore section of our 16 foot Kevlar canoe.

Are Kevlar Canoes Worth It? (A Kevlar Canoe Owner’s Advice)

When you’re on the hunt for either your first canoe or a replacement canoe, research will always lead you to the question of what material is best. Canoes typically come composed of fiberglass, plastic, wood, kevlar, aluminum, canvas (over a frame), or other synthetic fiber composite materials. Any canoeist worth their salt will mention the …

Are Kevlar Canoes Worth It? (A Kevlar Canoe Owner’s Advice) Read More »

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Can Canoes Sink? We find out why and offer some great solutions to prevent it here in this article.

Can Canoes Sink?

Going canoeing is both a fun and rewarding endeavor. Sliding over the waters in such a smooth and relaxing style is a past time that many of us benefit from after our long days at work or office. And during a pandemic, having some peace of mind out on the water is something we could …

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