The Kayaks category covers all the boating basics associated with kayaks and their use.

A kayaker holds up his kayak while out on expedition.

How To Clean A Kayak

Kayaks fabrication uses several different materials that react differently to the water. These materials also respond differently to the conditions of the kayak storage. Kayaks are, in most cases, only used seasonally, which means they spend a significant time stored out of sight and out of mind. The biggest challenge to cleaning a kayak is …

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A Kayak rides in rough waters.

Can You Kayak In Rough Waters?

Kayaking can be leisurely paddling through flat and still waters with great weather conditions and an easy route. However, kayaking can also be paddling through strong winds, strong currents, and choppy waves. Water and weather conditions can change fast, and kayakers must be ready for more challenging conditions. Kayaking in rough waters is common. The majority of kayaks are built …

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