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Chasing Gladius Mini Underwater Drone Review

Gladius Mini Underwater Drone by Chasing

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Drones have opened up a new dimension to photography and videography. Whether you are a hobby enthusiast or a professional, drones might seem to be the right sidekick to your adventures to get worthwhile shots. And the Gladius Mini Underwater Drone by Chasing is no exception.

With underwater drones coming ashore in the commercial market, the horizons have opened up even wider! Get a clearer vision of the underwater world with these innovative boating gadgets that come with various features to suit your customized videography needs. 

Whether you are operating from a boat or the land, underwater drones have inexplicable advantages that you might have to take full advantage of in your adventures. Underwater exploration and diving adventures can now take a creative twist, while fishing and boat maintenance is more professionally accomplished with an underwater drone in hand. 

Uses For Underwater Drones Like The Gladius

So, there are broadly two uses for underwater drones in general. One, for recreational and adventurous purposes and the other for business or professional service. 

Yachting, fishing, diving, photography, travel, and exploration will no longer be the same if you have an underwater drone to capture and record the live moments. Alternatively, an underwater drone will also provide ingeniously useful to empower your aquatic businesses like aquaculture, hull/dock, or reservoir inspection. 


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So, what is your reason to get a drone? Whatever it is, there is one excellent solution, with this intelligent underwater drone we have got to introduce to you! 

Keep reading as we deliver information about one of the most acclaimed underwater drones on the market that is innovative and advanced in its features, expertly efficient in its purpose, and convenient to carry around and use! 

Gladius Mini Underwater Drone by Chasing
Gladius Mini Underwater Drone by Chasing

The Chasing Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

This waterproof drone is the perfect example of stability and efficiency in one. It’s small-in-size yet boasts an innovative design, and helps you conquer the underwater quite adventurously without any hitches. 

The chasing gladius mini claims to be the world’s first 5-thruster mini-sized underwater drone that works on intelligent control algorithms. There are many underwater ROVs out in the market that have similar features. But what makes the Chasing mini Gladius stand out? Let us find out!

Features Of The Gladius Waterproof Underwater Drone

The Chasing Gladius mini underwater ROV has certain unique and distinct features that make it a winner among underwater drones. We have listed a few of them for you to draw some insights into the efficiency of this mighty yet “mini” innovative gear to use from the boat, dock or shore. 

Nature-inspired Design

The Chasing Gladius mini underwater drone has a design inspired by the biological nature of marine creatures. The precisely crafted gill shaped drainage provides for low resistance and unmatched stability in the underwater. 

More like an underwater fish designed to seamlessly flow in and against the tides, the Chasing Gladius mini has apparent advantages as far as underwater drone design goes. 


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Intelligent Propulsion And Precision Hovering

This underwater ROV has three vertical propellers and intelligent control algorithms, which combinedly work towards the drone’s stability in all directions. It ensures that the Chasing mini gladius can dive down, up, hover, tilt, and turn with utmost precision. 

Moreover, two additional thrusters propel the underwater drone forwards at speeds up to 4 Knots (2 m/s). The intelligent propulsion was engineered into this technological waterproof underwater drone with many tests and fails, thereby providing efficiency at all depths via extensive testing. 

The precision hovering technique enables the underwater drone to “swim” through the waves without any glitches or instability.  Almost as though this drone were conceived of by a fish itself. 

Gladius waterproof underwater drone with a 45 degree adjustable angle and speeds up to 4 knots (2 m/s).
Gladius waterproof underwater drone with a 45 degree adjustable angle and speeds up to 4 knots (2 m/s).

Adjustable Tilt Lock

The ±45° adjustable Tilt-Lock mode of the drone enables easy game-like maneuverability to move seamlessly in all the directions. 

Also, it means perfect camera angles to shoot epic underwater scenes even while speeding at 4 knots. Scanning the ocean floor, the surroundings, or the water surface is comfortable with the adjustable ±45° angle mode. 

Gladius - A mini underwater drone that can lock in at a specific depth.
Gladius – A mini underwater drone that can lock in at a specific depth.

One-touch Depth Lock Mode

The Chasing Mini Gladius can descend to an impressionable depth of 330 ft, which fares better than their underwater drone counterparts. The one-touch depth lock mode, combined with the intelligent control algorithm, enables the drone to hover at specific prepositioned depths. 

And so, this way, you can navigate and dive freely with the drone intelligently following you all the while!


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The Gladius is equipped with a 4K HD camera and two powerful lights to back it up.
The Gladius is equipped with a 4K HD camera and two powerful lights to back it up.

Ultra-Clear Video

Bring the vivid and dynamic underwater world to life with the explicit Ultra HD 4K video footage that you can capture with the Gladius Underwater Drone.  Now witness the intensity of nature in actual color with the image restoration algorithm. 

The mini App fixes color distortion, making the picture clearer, cleaner, and brighter in all the shots. Besides, the two adjustable 1200 lumen LED lights to illuminate the surroundings to capture incredibly clear footage even at deeper depths. 

Gladius Mini Underwater Drone - Experience immersive VR like never before!
Gladius Mini Underwater Drone – Experience immersive VR like never before!

Immersive Underwater VR

Want to explore and dive into the stunning underwater without getting yourself wet? Then gear up your VR equipment to do so; because the Chasing Mini Gladius ROV supports immersive VR quickly and efficiently.  That’s right – a full VR underwater experience! 

Share Video In Real-Time

Now you can share live media footage in real-time simultaneously to three wireless devices. Also, there is an additional HDMI port to give access to the live video to a big-screen TV or monitor. The controller can be connected to the devices wirelessly using the Wi-Fi technology. 

One-Click Online Sharing

Freshen up your social media feed with unique underwater video footage posts. Show off your underwater discoveries and explorations with the Chasing Mini Gladius underwater drone, all with only a single click! 

Simply share the incredible underwater footage with your friends and family at a single click with the innovative technology boasted by this drone. 

Mobile App

You can view the underwater drone footage in real-time using the mobile app available on iOS and Android platforms. 


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The 1080p video is streamable in fully integrated five fps burst modes across three different devices. 

Impressive Battery Life

A 5000mAh battery, with 5.5Wh, powers the Chasing Mini Gladius for your extensive dives and underwater explorations. The underwater drone has a maximum of two-hour runtime when fully charged, which is quite impressive but not entirely superior to the same class’s drones. 

Also, one should note that the mini-vehicle, base station, and controller need separate chargers, which might be a hurdle if you are looking to charge with the same charger for all parts of the underwater drone. 

The highly portable Gladius - A mini underwater drone by Chasing
The highly portable Gladius – A mini underwater drone by Chasing


The Gladius underwater drone’s small design makes it most convenient to store, carry, and use. Besides, the Chasing Mini backpack allows you to carry the underwater drone with utmost ease and style! 

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The Bottom Line – Is The Gladius Mini By Chasing Worth It?

The Chasing Mini Gladius Underwater Dron ROV is an aesthetically designed waterproof drone with a bright yellow color that catches the eye even at deep depths in the water. 

The underwater drone works perfectly in freshwater as well as saltwater in equal precision. The Chasing Mini Gladius Underwater Drone bundle deal includes the mini-vehicle, the base station, a wireless controller or transmitter, batteries and charger, a memory card of 32 GB memory, and a 150’ tether.


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This underwater drone has immense potential that can extensively be of assistance for various applications. However, it may have to overcome slight limitations that some customers have mentioned. 

The Only Real Con

The Chasing mini Gladius is a little too lightweight.  That is, more so than expected. Even though this makes for great convenience while transporting and using the drone, this ironically disturbs the drone while underwater at times of strong current. But apart from this minor limitation, the Chasing Mini Gladius makes for the perfect underwater drone for both experts and beginners. 

^ Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

All The Pros

Overall, we liked the Chasing Mini Gladius underwater drone for the following reasons.

It is “mini” and compact. It makes it a more accessible gadget, unlike its heavier and bulkier counterparts. As a result, you could find yourself carrying this underwater drone at every sea adventure of yours!

It can handle seawater with no issues at all. Different components of the drone that could potentially corrode in saltwater are batch tested and then assembled.  It ensures you know the device is comprised of quality components that can stand the harsh sea environment. 

Besides, the intelligent algorithms that drive the thrusters balance the drone in all different salt concentration depths. Again, no need to second guess when taking it for your adventures in the sea! 

But, remember to rinse it well after every use in saltwater like all marine saltwater equipment. 

It can descend safely to great depths in the water. It means that you could probably be the first one to discover something new and exciting under the water. And, of course, you can instantly share the video and image footage on your social media feed; with a single click! 


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It is affordable. Priced at a reasonable and not excessive cost, the Chasing Mini Gladius is an efficient and professional underwater drone that fulfills all your purposes at a reasonable price!

^ Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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