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What Is The Difference Between A Yacht And A Catamaran?

what is the difference between a yacht and a catamaran? Find out at Farm6Media.com

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What’s the difference between a yacht and a catamaran? Let’s dive in and find out!

Yachts are classically assumed to be medium-sized sailing ships. Today we assume a yacht is a large, luxurious, monohull vessel. Alternatively, catamarans are designated by having two hulls. Catamarans can also be large and luxurious, classifying them as a yacht. Therefore a catamaran can also be a yacht, but a yacht may not necessarily be a catamaran.

This article is just what you need if you’re new to the sailing scene and can’t seem to decide which of the vessels mentioned above to hit the open ocean. 

Although technically a catamaran may be a yacht, in popular culture, a yacht is assumed as a monohull. Below is a detailed breakdown of the difference between a yacht and a catamaran. (source)

Differences Between A Yacht And A Catamaran

A large yacht is in a harbor in this picture.
Yachts are considered large, luxurious, and typically considered single hull ships.
A sailing catamaran is shown in this image.
A Catamaran. Although a catamaran can be a yacht, a yacht may not necessarily be a catamaran.

Number Of Hulls

The hull of a sailing vessel is simply the part of the vessel that sits in the water. Yachts have one hull, while catamarans have two hulls. 


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A sailing vessel with multiple hulls can explore more ocean depths than one with a single hull. It is because very little of the boat is underwater.

Due to this distinctive feature, yachts heel over more than catamarans, making them unsuitable for new sailors, children, or older people.

With that said, let’s look at the difference between a yacht and a catamaran regarding maneuverability. 

Level Of Stability, Safety, Efficiency, And Displacement

The primary distinction, as noted, is that a catamaran has two hulls compared to a monohull yacht. These two hulls allow excellent stability for the watercraft with a much lower chance of capsizing and half the chance of sinking compared to a single hull.

Although, a sailing catamaran can always blow over in the incorrect use of sails in windy conditions, just like a sailing monohull can. The difference is that a catamaran is much more challenging to right itself if it goes over. Therefore, it’s best to understand all the principles of sailing before taking out a sailing vessel, regardless of whether or not it’s a catamaran or a monohull.

Unlike yachts, catamarans generally have a minimum of two engines. These motors enhance the level of maneuverability of the vessel. 

In other words, catamarans are easier to pilot or maneuver than yachts of the same length.


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Furthermore, the presence of a second engine on a catamaran makes it noticeably more potent than a yacht. And they are faster boats, too, because they don’t need to sit as deep in the water due to two hulls sharing the overall weight of the vessel.

A monohull carries all the weight on a single hull, causing the hull to sink deeper into the water. Given that water has greater friction than air, a hull deeper in the water will have greater resistance. Therefore, by nature of design, the more hulls, the faster a craft can go and the less power it consumes to go at a similar speed as a monohull, meaning it is also more efficient.

Size Of Space

You can quickly tell the difference between a yacht and a catamaran by size or space. Yachts are not as roomy or sizeable as catamarans of the same length.

You get bigger cabins, sitting areas, ample bathrooms, and wide galleys with catamarans.

The downside to the size or spaciousness of a catamaran is that it’d cost you a lot more to book an overnight berth. 

When choosing between a yacht and a catamaran, consider the number of people you’d like to bring on board.

Sailing Experience

difference between a yacht and a catamaran

Yachts and catamarans do not provide the same sailing experience. Many people believe that yachts are more exhilarating to pilot than catamarans. 


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It is pretty simple; catamarans don’t give as much feedback as yachts do when you manipulate their helm.

Additionally, the design of catamarans makes it nearly impossible to sail them upwind. So, a yacht is your best bet if you’re looking to enjoy a thrilling upwind sail. 


 As you may know, the cost is a critical criterion in identifying the difference between a yacht and a catamaran.

The amount you pay to own or charter one of these vessels depends on the size and type of vessel you choose.

Generally, catamarans are more expensive than yachts of the same length, which is not surprising given that two hulls and a bridge will be more work to build than a single hull. 



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