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The Top 10 Best Dive Watches For Less Than $1000

A diver ascends in the depths.

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Boater’s Gear Guides – Diving Watches

Diving watches are entirely waterproof, and that makes them ideal for underwater use. But diving watches’ popularity of late can be attributed to more of a fashion fad that has become popular among collectors and regular watch enthusiasts.  As opposed to popularity out of functional ability, that is. 

Unfortunately, most diving watches don’t see the inside of a pool, let alone a dive in the ocean! Men don a diving watch as part of their smart casual look for many reasons. The inexplicable popularity of dive watches owes basically to the notion that these are very durable and dependable watches, unlike the non-dive versions. 

But many don’t understand the unique design and methodology behind the actual application of the dive watch. To make a watch impermeable enough to wear while diving, there are certain features that the watch must be built with to succeed.

Going Boating With That Watch?

And if you’re an avid boater like I am, then you already know the importance of gear and tech that can handle an adventurous and often wet environment.  It makes the features found on gear like a diving watch crucial to maximum enjoyment out on the water. 

Before we dive into the watches (see what I did there?), to understand why we have selected the models displayed here, you need to know what you’re looking at in front of you.  For that reason, we’ve got a quick reference section of the features first, to qualify what the specs on each of these wrist technological wonders offer us.


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Here are some of those crucial features that dive watches must have in general. You must know about these features, as it will help you to pick the best dive watch for yourself. 

Features Of A Dive Watch


All dive watches are designed to be water-resistant for depths ranging from 100m to 300m, depending on the manufacturer. The standards and features of dive watches are regulated by the ISO 6425, or the International Organization for Standardization. ISO stipulates that dive watches should have a water resistance of at least 100 m. Nevertheless, recreational divers are likely to go deep to only about 40 m, unlike professional divers. 

Underwater Legibility

Dive watches must contain dials and bezels that are legible underwater, even in low / no light conditions. The luminous hands and markers on the watch are made from non-radioactive luminescent pigment. This helps the diver to precisely read the time under adverse conditions underwater. 

Rotating Bezel

ISO 6425 standard requires that a dive watch must have a time preselecting device or the bezel. Unidirectional timing bezel is a feature on the dive watch that allows divers to know how long they have been underwater. The elapsed time gives them direction on when to make their ascend. 

Durable Strap

The watch straps are usually made of materials resistant to water pressure and endure seawater’s corrosiveness. Hence, for practical reasons, dive watches generally have rubber, polyurethane, or stainless-steel straps. These straps are designed to withstand humidity, direct sunlight, and water pressure. 

Helium Escape Valve

Diving watches designed for deep dives or saturation diving are usually fitted with helium gas release valves. The helium molecules in the water (at extreme depts) tend to penetrate the watch case, causing the watch’s pressure to build up and break the watch crystal. The helium release valve allows helium to escape in case of decompression. 

Sturdy Watch Case

Dive watches are meant to remain in saltwater for long periods. Hence, these watches come with a sturdy case that is water pressure resistant and can withstand seawater’s corrosiveness. 


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Now that you know what to look for in a dive watch, let’s get ahead with the topic, shall we?!

Are you looking for a profitable dive watch that is impressive in quality and looks? It is quite natural that dive watches are priced high due to the additional features and durability they guarantee. Don’t get disheartened already, though! There are indeed some manufacturers who provide the best quality dive watches at affordable prices. 

Our recommendation of the top 10 best dive watches for less than $100

Here is a compilation of the top 10 best dive watches for less than $100. These watches are all equipped with unique features and have impressive customer review ratings. They are all guaranteed to last the test of time and are very reliable. 

1. Longio Telamon 1000m Swiss Automatic Pro Diver Watch

The term Telamon is derived from Greek mythology and is associated with a heroic character who led a quest before the Trojan war. This dive watch from Telamon inherently carries the grandeur and classiness that the name stands for! The design elements of the watch derive inspiration from the Greek keys and columns. The Longio Telamon is a professional men’s watch that is designed with the utmost functionality and style. Whether it be on a scuba diving adventure, an outdoor sport, or daily use, this diving watch is sure to suit your need perfectly! 

The watch is designed with a water-resistant of 1000m, with also a helium valve at 11H. This professional diving watch has original swiss made automatic, self-winding capability of 28,800 vibrations per hour movement. With the 42 hours power reserve, the watch is perfect for diving at great depths. The high-quality stainless-steel case of 47mm diameter is perfectly complimented with a stainless-steel bracelet with an extension buckle. Other features of this diving watch include the durable sapphire crystal watch face and the hands and dial made from Swiss Super LumiNova.  This dive watch can be compared with the world’s top eyes counting on its 1000 meters 

What we love about this dive watch:


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  • 1000m of water resistance
  • Precision and appearance with clear lines and creamy texture

2. Bronze Dive Watch Longio Zhuke 500m Swiss Automatic Divers Watch

Unlike typical dive watches that come in a steel case, Longio Zhuke comes in bronze; thus, giving a modern contemporary look. Zhuke, the Chinese brand, specializes in dive watches and has many advanced models in their name. This sporty looking dive watch is both functional as well as stylish. The wide bronze case of 45 mm width renders a sleek and luxurious look. The clock is water-resistant to 500m and has a helium release valve to boot. The case back is made in steel, while the crown is created in PVD black, with the Longio logo etched onto it. 

The high-quality swiss made automatic movement of the watch makes it perfectly viable for diving expeditions. The Super LumiNova on the dials and the rotating bezel makes it legible even in the darkest depths. This dive watch from Zhuke Longio comes in both leather as well as rubber straps. It is noticed that the bronze material succumbs to oxidation with time. It results in a mottled color but doesn’t influence the case characteristics.

What we love about this dive watch:

  • The bronze finish on the case and bezel
  • Classy yet sporty appeal
  • 500m water resistance

3. Rotary Watches Men’s Legacy Dive Black Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

When looking for a good dive watch that is efficient yet affordable and fits under the $1000 range, this watch will not be missed! This men’s legacy stainless-steel dive watch features automatic movement in a stainless-steel case. This analog display watch has a resistance depth of 100m, which is relatively less when compared to the previous two watches on our list. But, if you are looking into a recreational diving and swimming experience, then this watch is more than enough. And quite obviously the reason why you don’t find the helium release valve. 

The high polished black 42mm dial houses 2-hands, and a date window, all enclosed in sapphire glass. The black ceramic diver’s bezel perfectly complements the stainless-steel bracelet and gives a luxurious look. The watch is well balanced and fits just right. Overall, this dive watch from Rotary is robust inbuilt, elegant in appearance, and functionally efficient. And, most importantly, it fits nicely under the $1000 budget range! 

What we love about this dive watch:

  • Robust built made in stainless steel.
  • Lifetime guarantee

4. Gucci Dive Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver-Tone Men’s Watch(Model: YA136301)

You want high-end? Gucci is a fashion brand name that is associated with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. It is visible in this unique and handsome gents dive watch from the brand! The Gucci dive extensions feature many diver aesthetic watches that speak volumes of the brand’s quality and durability. This Gucci Dive analog display watch features a depth resistance of 200m and hence is suitable for marine activities and surface water sports, but not for scuba diving. 


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This stainless-steel dive watch features a bold black dial that is 40mm in diameter, neither too big nor too small for the wrist. The coin edge bezel and the protected crown provides for the functionality of the watch. The anti-reflective sapphire dial window is sturdy and robust to take any blow. The stainless-steel bracelet comes with a deployment-clasp-with-double push-button closure that renders ease and convenience to wear.  

What we love about this dive watch:

  • Reliability from a reputed brand
  • Push Button Deployment Clasp

5. Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS, Includes Fitness Features, Silver/Black

This isn’t a watch – it’s a space station!

Okay, it isn’t a space station, but it would fit in very well on one. The bright display, topo mapping and full-featured GPS crammed into this programmable watch-sized dive computer means you get the most bang for your buck.

I’ve got to say, this is one of the coolest diving watches with real divers in mind, that I’ve ever seen.

Another futuristic feature of this versatile dive computer is the ability for it to warn you when you’re going out of dive safety. For example, programming your dive into the watch, you can set up alerts to let you know when your air supply is getting low. The alerts can come in the form of a pitch or vibration so you are alerted when fully submerged.

With its long charge battery life and its sleek design, this dive computer serves as a stylish everyday watch as well. Although for the price, I’m not sure I’d wear it gardening, you get what I mean.


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What we love about this dive watch:

  • The two-toned watch gives a vintage appeal.
  • Dive planning functionality for single-gas, multi-gas, gauge and apnea diving

6. Gucci Dive Analog-Display Swiss Quartz Black Men’s Watch(Model: YA136204)

Yet another dive watch from Gucci that is on our list! This distinctive men’s dive watch features a black matte dial surrounded with a unidirectionally rotating black bezel. The watch face is set in a 45mm black PVD finished stainless steel case. The sapphire crystal cover has an anti-reflective coating that enhances the wearer’s visibility even in low light conditions. Gucci’s dive watch has a Swiss-made quartz movement and water resistance to 200 meters. The black dial has silver-tone hands with index and numeral hour markers with the minute markers around the outer rim. 

The luminescent hands and markers display time in analog and are legible even in dark conditions. The black rubber strap is durable and gives a sporty appeal to the dive watch. The Deployment clasp has a double button push release mechanism providing security when worn while diving or swimming. However, this casual looking dive watch has a resistance depth of only 200 meters; hence, it is not suitable for serious diving professionals. 

What we love about this dive watch:

  • Expensive looking watch; yet affordable and below $1000
  • Rubber strap offers extreme comfort and durability.

7. Davosa Swiss Made Men Watch, Automatic Analog Ternos Professional, Stainless Steel Wrist Band, Premium Ceramic Bezel

Another marvelous creation from Davosa is reputably one of the most sought among dive watches. The Davosa Ternos professional sports the look of a Rolex sea dweller, and the features are almost similarly resembling. The watch’s hands are mounted on to the Swiss-made Davosa DAV3021 movement, an ETA 2824-2. The ceramic bezel insert is scratch-resistant, thus ensuring overall durability. The stainless-steel case, measuring at 42.5mm in diameter, is a mix of polished and brushed finishing. 

The stainless tell bracelet is comfortable to wear and has a locking clasp for added security. The diver’s extension also makes it great as a dive watch, as it helps to wear the watch over the wetsuit. The Super-LumiNova glow on the watch is impressive and lasts for long. Overall, this affordable dive watch from Davosa is a tough watch that is built to last. The watch has a water resistance of 500 meters and also has a helium release valve for divers. 

What we love about this dive watch:

  • Super durable build quality
  • 500 meters of water resistance

8. Davosa Swiss Ternos Vintage Diver Men Wrist Watch

Like the other models in the Davosa watch brand, this vintage watch has exceptionally well-designed built features. This timepiece in the vintage look is great to flaunt on any day, even when you are not in the water! The robust ceramic bezel and the concrete hard sapphire crystal make up for the attractive watch face. This lightweight and robust premium watch is well placed under the price range of $1000 and is definitely worth the money you spent!

The durable steel case is 40mm in diameter and is equipped with hands and indices illuminated with old radium Super-LumiNova to radiate the vintage look. The scratch-resistant stainless-steel skeleton and screw meets the top-quality overall appeal of the watch. The self-winding mechanism of the watch reflects the swiss expertise in watchmaking. The vintage leather brown straps speak volumes of the vintage look that the dive watch offers. The watch has a fantastic water resistance of 200 meters and is not suitable for deep diving activities. Overall, if you are looking for an enduring dive watch, built with cutting-edge beauty and ideal for both work and also, but not limited to, leisure, this is the right choice. Besides, it costs only less than $1000!


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What we love about this dive watch:

  • The brown leather strap that is durable and stylish
  • The “old radium” coating on the hands, offering a vintage look.
  • Self-winding movement

9. Heavy Water Diver (TM) Titanium Tritium Dive-Watch by Hazard 4

The heavy water diver from Hazard 4 is a proven dive watch that is preferred by professionals in diving. The dive watch has a water resistance of 300 meters and is a robust, bold, and functional watch for serious divers. The watch’s highlight is the swiss tritium mini lamps that glow continuously and do not fade overnight like luminous paint. The swiss movement guarantees reliability and precision. This dive watch has double the strength of a stainless-steel watch since it comes from 100% titanium. However, it weighs only half as much! 

The submarine inspired aesthetics also draws inspiration from military-style, making it the perfect accessory to be worn with a professional uniform attire or urban suit. The 50 mm watch case constitutes 100% hypoallergenic titanium. The sapphire crystal covering the face is scratch resistant and has an anti-reflective coated material on the interior. The 60 clicks unidirectional bezel has a tritium zero indicator and surrounds the 24-hour military time scale and 3D stencil two-layer designed numerals. Powered by Ronda 515 Quartz with a 2-year battery, this elegant timepiece is indeed reliable under all circumstances. The screw-down crown ensures no-hassle easy turn usage. The bezel markings are machined straight into the metal, thereby eliminating any chance of scratching off. Overall, a tactical, sophisticated, yet affordable timepiece is excellent to be worn both in the water and out!

What we love about this dive watch:

  • self-powered tritium (H3) Swiss mini-lamps that does not fade
  • Bold military styling features and design

10. Pantor Seahorse 1000m Big Size 45mm Pro Automatic Dive Watch with Helium Valve Rotating Bezel Sapphire Extension Buckles

The Pantor seahorse is a chunky watch that is almost 17mm thick and 45 mm in diameter and catches the eye quite quickly. This dive watch from Pantor is manufactured from Hong Kong and belongs to the affordable end of professional dive watches. The unidirectional bezel is set atop the case and has an illuminated triangle at the 12-o clock mark. The illumination filled indices are broad and shaped like triangles on the compass points. The illuminated sword style hands make the watch legible even in low light conditions. Moreover, unlike other dive watches, this watch has a small pip on the seconds watch (although it might not be functional a feature many times!). 

The glossy black dial has a clean appearance with illuminated hands and markings. The automatic movement of the case ensures reliability and precision. The case and the sapphire crystal keep the movement intact, ensuring safety and durability. The watch’s highlight is the 1000 meters water resistance and the presence of a helium release valve.  The most differentiating part of this dive watch is the bracelet; the small links on the strap ensure the utmost comfort and airflow. The built-in ratcheting diver’s extension provides for the easy adjustment of the watch. Overall, the bracelet’s unique design and impressive build quality make this watch a good choice among dive watches under $1000. However, you might have to put up with the watch’s hefty look and feel, though! 

What we love about this dive watch:

  • Unique bracelet design offering comfort and airflow
  • 1000m water resistance depth.

The Bottom Line

Dive watches were initially invented for a purpose- to remind the divers of their time to ascend to the surface. However, with the invention of diver computers, the use of dive watches has relatively reduced. Nonetheless, dive watches remain a favorite among collectors and professional divers who considered them a backup to the computers. Now, dive watches are more of a fashion fad when not being used for their real purpose. Choosing one relies on your assigned budget among the many dive watches with advanced features and inexplicable durability. This list of the top 10 best dive watches for less than $1000 ought to have made this decision more comfortable for you, we are sure! Make sure to hit the water in style with the efficient and stylish dive watch that suits you the most! 

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