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The Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2-Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review (My First Impressions)

The Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2-Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review (My First Impressions)

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We only recommend products we’ve tried/tested/own (that’s why you won’t find thousands of affiliate links on my site). If you have experience with one of the products we’ve mentioned, please share your experiences in the comments at the end.


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I decided to share my tandem inflatable kayak review because I think there is a lack of transparency online about these products.

Besides being the most affordable way to explore your favorite fishing spots, kayaking can help improve your mental and physical health. Fortunately, kayak manufacturers understand this, which is why they have produced some of the best vessels in the market. Elkton Outdoors Cormorant kayak is no exception. The Cormorant kayak design intends to make your life easier while fishing. So in this article, we’ll show you why you should invest in this kayak for your future fishing trips.

Bottom Line: I like the Cormorant. It’s tougher than you think and a lot of fun. Great value and I recommend it because it works well and only takes 2 minutes to inflate. Check the current price here.

Product Description

Unlike most kayaks, folks who love sharing their fishing adventures are responsible for the watercraft’s design. Therefore, it has everything you will need for your next fishing trip; after all, kayaking professionals manage the manufacturing. Built using super durable and high-quality materials, this kayak can last for years with proper maintenance. The composition is 18-gauge PVC. Also, the watercraft comes with a tough nylon cover and a thick tarp, making it one of the most robust kayaks on the market.

For added comfort, it has some adjustable seats that can keep you comfortable and safe while paddling. This tandem watercraft can help you finally get your ultimate catch. It has two trolling rod holders, two vertical rod holders, and two full-action rod holders. Therefore, you can set up your rods in various combinations for ultimate results. Other than your standard storage, Elkton Outdoors Kayak comes with a mesh storage box and six pockets for storing your gear when fishing.


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Another fact that stands out is that it inflates to a full-size kayak measuring 118 inches by 35 inches by 16 inches. Furthermore, the inflation time is within 2 minutes. When you purchase this kayak, you also get a pump, two paddles, two seats, 6-rod holders, a carry pack, and a skeg. (source)

How Elkton Outdoors Cormorants Fishing Kayak Compares to Others

The Elkton Outdoors Cormorant kayak is an exceptional fishing kayak with everything an angler needs to fish in their local fishing spot. Its unique design and construction have given it a competitive edge over some of the industry’s leaders. Some of the top brands that rival the Cormorants kayak include the Driftsun Voyager tandem kayak.

Besides being in the same price range, these two kayaks use polyvinyl chloride in their construction. Unlike the Elkton Cormorant kayak, the Driftsun Voyager kayak manufacturing process uses a heavy-duty PVC bottom that protects it from punctures. (source) When inflated, these tandem kayaks have similar dimensions, the main difference being their length. The Driftsun voyager is about 10ft long, while the Elkton cormorant kayak is about 9.8ft long.    

Another thing that helps Elkton Outdoor Cormorant kayak stand out is that it takes 2 minutes to inflate. In comparison, the Driftsun voyager takes 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the Driftsun Voyager tandem kayak doesn’t come with rod holders, so you will have to purchase some and install them on your kayak.

What Do You Get When You Buy The Elkton Outdoors Cormorant Kayak?

As aforementioned, this kayak has more than enough accessories for any fishing adventure. So when you purchase it, you also get a pump, skeg, mesh storage pack, 6-rod holders, a carry pack, two seats, and two paddles.

Who Makes Elkton Outdoors Cormorant Kayak?

Elkton Outdoors makes the Cormorant kayak and sells it through some of the best online stores, including Amazon. Elkton Outdoors Company provides outdoor lovers with the best fishing gear that can help keep their tackle organized and protected.

Elkton Outdoors has delivered high-performance tactical, fishing, and hunting gear for different experience levels. But their love for the outdoors and sharing their experience makes the Elkton Outdoors team the best manufacturers in the market.


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Elkton Outdoors is an American firm based in California that Joe Morris opened in 2018. After finishing college, Joe wanted a venture to help him apply his passion for the outdoors. Therefore, he started Elkton Outdoors which has grown in popularity over the last few years to one of the leading American outdoors brands. 

Benefits of Elkton Outdoor Cormorant 2 –Person Kayak

  • It inflates quickly
  • Durable and rugged
  • It comes with a wide range of rod holders
  • Offer more than one method of presenting your bait to the fish
  • Easy to adjust and repair
  • It has more than enough space for storing your tackle
  • Portable
  • It comes with a removable skeg


  • Costly
  • Not ideal for anglers with massive bodies

Things to Consider When Buying an Elkton Outdoors Cormorant Tandem Kayak

Generally, there are several types of kayaks in the market designed to improve your fishing experience while helping you work out. Unfortunately, not every kayak design intends for fishing activities onboard the watercraft. Some kayaks don’t even have enough space for your gear or the necessary accessories to support your fishing rods.

Therefore, before settling for the first kayak you find on the shelves, here are a few factors you have to consider when buying your new fishing kayak:


The first thing you should consider when getting your fishing kayak is stability. After all, it would be best not to stand and even make sudden movements while fishing. Unfortunately, most stores don’t allow clients to test their kayaks for stability. Therefore, you should look for the brand you need and do your research online.

Simply look for photos and videos of the kayak you’re examining online, with anglers standing while casting their line. If they seem comfortable standing on the kayaks and the videos confirm that the vessels are stable, you should consider it. Remember, it could be the best option if it’s sturdy enough for them to stand on while fishing.


Other than making it possible for you to access some of the most hidden places in your favorite fishing spot, it should be comfortable. After all, you will be seated on your kayak’s seat while fishing for an extended period; therefore, you need a comfortable seat.

Generally, the comfort of the kayak will depend on the seats and position. Remember, the well-cushioned seat can still give you a bad experience if wrongly placed. Therefore, you should also consider the leg angle and your height, which means you should test the seat and ensure you’re comfortable.


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Most tandem 2-person inflatable kayaks are not ideal for huge and tall individuals, so make sure it has more than enough space for you to stretch your legs and your back.


Are you going to use a rig or depth finder? If that’s the case, you should ensure that it has more than enough space for the rig. If you plan on using a power pole, then it should be power pole ready and still be comfortable and have more room for your gear. (source)

Propulsion / Performance

Generally, you’ll determine the kayak’s performance by the propulsion you will use. For instance, the kayak should pedal well if you use a pedal system. Just because it pedals well doesn’t mean it will paddle perfectly. Therefore, you should consider the propulsion you will use when picking the right kayak.


Several fishing kayaks vary in design, construction, and, most importantly, price. The high-end options use high-quality materials designed with care by professionals. 

The higher-end models have more than enough accessories and space for your next fishing trip. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a budget option with everything you need; plus, some affordable options can easily rival high-end kayaks in terms of quality.

Therefore you shouldn’t assume that it will be durable just because it’s costly. With proper research, you can find a comfortable and durable kayak within your price range; plus, you can purchase the other accessories later.

The Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review Features and Benefits You Need To Know About


Unlike most kayaks, the entire configuration process of the Cormorant kayak can take less than 10 minutes. Therefore, you won’t waste too much time inflating your kayak and installing the seats and other accessories when you arrive at your destination. It has a unique manual pump that can inflate the kayak within 2 minutes.


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But if using a manual pump is an issue, we recommend that you purchase an electric pump. The Elkton outdoors Cormorant kayak has three inner tubes with separate valves. So, releasing the air after you have finished fishing and want to go home can be pretty straightforward.  

Rod Holders

Unlike most kayaks, the Elkton Cormorant kayak comes ready for fishing; therefore, you won’t have to purchase some rod holders. The Cormorant kayak comes with 6-rod holders that can help you present your bait to the fish. It comes with the following:

  • Two angled rod holder
  • Two vertical rod holders
  • Two full-motion rod holders      

The two full-motion rod holders make life easy if you don’t want to hold your rod while fishing. You can use the rod holders to free your hands for paddling or other things, like eating a sandwich you packed for your adventure.

Premium Seats

You can never go wrong with this kayak if it’s the comfort you’re seeking. The Elkton outdoors cormorant comes with premium seats and a comfortable gel interior that will protect your back from fatigue.

The good thing about these seats is that you won’t have to inflate them; all you have to do is install them and adjust them to your preference. Plus, the fact that they are easy to install and adjust is a bonus.


When fishing, we tend to carry a wide range of tackle and gear; therefore, we need more than enough storage for our gear. Plus, proper equipment arrangement on the kayak can make it easier for you to paddle or pedal and cast your line. Therefore if you want a spacious vessel with more than enough space for your gear, you should get the Elkton Outdoors Cormorant kayak.

This kayak has an easy-to-remove and transport mesh storage compartment for storing your wet clothing. Its unique storage pack straps perfectly to the kayak; therefore, it won’t be in your way when fishing. It also has six mesh pockets for storing your gear all over the kayak.


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Measuring about 118inches by 35 inches by 16 inches, the Cormorant kayak has more than enough space for you to stretch your legs and back when fishing. Remember, the intent is for two people to use the watercraft, which makes it one of the most spacious kayaks in the market.


The power of the Elkton kayak is one thing I love about it. Few materials can beat its unique 18-gauge 1000D PVC, and thick tarpaulin can withstand anything, including the sharp hooks you will use the whole day. Its unique bottom can withstand a wide range of pressure from the sharp rocks in the water; therefore, you should expect it to serve you for a very long time.

Besides being durable, the Cormorant kayak is one of the most beautiful and functional vessels available. Its unique aerodynamic bottom makes it one of the most straightforward vessels to handle, especially for newbies. Its width makes it one of the most stable vessels on the water, but it does behave perfectly on flat water. The Elkton kayak’s unique design helps it withstand strong waves when exploring the waters.


Another advantage of most inflatable kayaks, including the Elkton kayak, is portability. Unlike most hardshell kayaks, these inflatable kayaks can be easily packed in the trunk of your car and taken everywhere you go. When deflated, this relatively compact kayak measures about 26 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches; therefore, it can be pretty easy to fit in its carrying case.

Even when inflated, this kayak is easy to carry to the water thanks to the rear and front carrying handles. Plus, it weighs only 27 pounds; therefore, you can even carry it alone to the water and start your exploration.


There are several types of fishing kayaks in the market, but very few high-end options can rival the Cormorant kayak in quality and design. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of false reviews online, and differentiating between the true and false ones can be pretty challenging, especially for a newbie. After doing some research online, I found some genuine reviews like mine that experienced anglers wrote (at least, they indeed appeared real to me).

Most outdoor lovers were intrigued by its design and high-quality material that your sharp hooks cannot even pierce. Others were surprised by its performance, especially when it gets cold; inflatable kayaks can be pretty reliable. It’s ideal for folks who are over 6’5″ tall.  

I only trust real reviews like this one.
This review seems pretty legit as well.
A verified Amazon review I found.
Verified purchasers are the only ones I like to read; the others are probably fake.

Check the current price for the Elkton Cormorant here.

My Experience With Elkton Outdoors Cormorant Kayak

I have always loved exploring some of the hidden fishing spots everywhere they go; in fact, I started doing it with my older brother in my late teen years. We would paddle away, leaving my dad and uncles fishing from the boat and having fun together. So when he relocated, he left me with our old kayak, which I used for years, until it broke down in 2020.


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By then, I was married, and with the Covid-19 pandemic making it hard for us to go to work, I turned to fishing. Since I had a lot of time on my hands, I borrowed several brands from my pals and family members, but what I didn’t expect was falling in love with my dad’s kayak. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. The government had just lifted some restrictions, so I picked my dad. We went fishing in his new Elkton Outdoors Cormorant tandem kayak.

Its unique package stood out as soon as we reached the shores of Jackson Lake in Ohio. The first thing I loved about the kayak was how easy and fast we inflated it and installed everything; in fact, it took us less than 10 minutes to set up. Another thing that stood out was the 6-rod holders it came with as standard. Therefore, we would use more than 2 rods each and still manage to paddle.

Its unique design and high-quality PVC material used to make this kayak gave me confidence when fishing, and its stability was simply outstanding. I couldn’t wait to purchase mine as soon as I arrived home. I managed to buy a used Elkton Outdoors Cormorant in late 2020, and It has never disappointed me to date.

My Final Thoughts

Generally, kayaks can be pretty heavy, with some being too bulky for the angler to pack easily in the trunk of their cars. Unfortunately, most folks still believe that getting the right fishing kayak can be quite costly. The fear of breaking the bank has forced some folks to settle for low-quality kayaks. But with the Elkton Outdoors Cormorant kayak, you will always enjoy exploring the waters.

Thanks to its handles, the Cormorant kayak is lightweight and easy to move around, even when inflated. Its quality can surprise you, and the fact that it has more than enough accessories, even for newbies, is a bonus. Therefore, if you dislike the idea of wasting time while inflating and installing all the accessories, you should try the Elkton Outdoors Cormorant kayak.  

Check the current price for the Elkton Cormorant here.



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