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Boating Guide Magazine is an online boating resource created by Farmer Jer of Farm 6 Media. Farmer Jer is an avid boater and wanted to make a resource for new boaters that delivered honest, reliable, and well-researched information to boating enthusiasts. This page is all about Boating Guide Magazine online.

Our Trusted Sources

Check out our extensive resource page for links to some of the institutions we have researched to bring the best and most informative information to your screen. Therefore, we include our sources and/or a bibliography at the end of each article so you can see exactly where we got our information.

Publishing Process – How We Do Quality Control

Our writers not only thoroughly research the articles we write but the articles are also subjected to our proofreading and verification process. After each article is written, the article is proofread to ensure it flows, that grammar is correct, the spelling is checked and corrected, and the sources are verified. Therefore, no article is ever posted without going through this rigorous process. That way, you know the articles are legitimate, original pieces of work and that the information is verified and confirmed.

Our Authors

See Jeremy Shantz’s Bio here. See Christine Valitutti’s Bio here.

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