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Christine is a Certified Credit Professional (CCP).  She has been in the credit and collections industry for over 15 years and has worked in many different industries that span from sports apparel to the food industry.  

I started out in office administration and, moved my way up to accounting.  I have had numerous roles in accounts payable, payroll, and credit/accounts receivable.  However, I discovered that I really enjoyed the credit and accounts receivable side of accounting.  

There are not many times in your life when you meet someone that you work with that genuinely cares about you and points you in the right direction.   I was lucky enough to have that happen early in my accounting career.  A finance controller that I worked with a while back, saw that I excelled in credit, collections, and accounts receivable.  She told me about a designation that would fit me perfectly. 

This designation was a certified credit professional offered by the Credit Institute of Canada.  The institute taught me everything I needed to know about the credit industry for business and has helped me tremendously in my career. 


I’m also an author for Doghouse Times Dog Magazine and the wife of our very own Farmer Jer!  I do my writing in the evenings during the week, and in my spare time on the weekends.  I find the writing relaxing, fun, and takes me away from the day to day grind.


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I’m excited to be part of Boating Guide and writing great articles on everything boats!

For The Love Of Dogs

I love dogs and have had one in my life for as long as I can remember.  I believe dogs are truly man’s best furry friend.

I have owned two fantastic dogs in my life and one of them is still around.  I also had a canine friend at the cottage my grandparents owned when I was younger. 

My first canine friend was a labrador retriever named Ebony.  She was quite the dog.  Ebony would visit the cottage and stay all day until we went inside for the night.  Then she would go back to her own house for the night and return with the sunrise! 

This dog went with me everywhere including in the paddle boat, in the canoe, and sometimes in the fishing boat.  She would accompany me on walks and adventures as well.  She was my very best friend.

Some years later, I convinced my parents that we needed a family dog.  Enter Rocky.  Rocky was a corgi/Jack Russel. He was a spunky little spitfire.   He lived to the ripe age of 18 and was a great companion.  

Then in 2010 my husband and I got our sweet little Kiki.  Kiki is a Yorkshire Terrier and probably the friendliest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.   She is ten years old and has had a few health issues along the way. 

A few years ago she was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer, which was found in time and she made full recovery. 

Next came Cushing’s Disease, which she is still living with.  However, she is still the happy little playful dog and a real trooper!

Love For Boats 

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a cottage near Lindsay, Ontario.  This cottage was on the lake.  That meant, lots of boats.  My grandfather absolutely loved boats.  Over the years, I got to ride in many different types of boats and came to love and appreciate each and every one of them. 

We had many different boats such as:

  • Paddle 
  • Canoe(s)
  • Fishing
  • Pontoon
  • Speed 

All these boats were fun in their own way.   The paddle boat for leisure time on the water, the canoe for learning how to use paddles, our fishing boat for fishing, the pontoon for entire days out on the lake, and last but not least the speed boat for tubing, boarding, and water skiing!

So, you could say that I became an expert in each of these boat types.  My grandfather would take the time to teach me how they all worked, what they needed in order to work, and of course maintenance, keeping them clean and tying knots in rope to keep them secure while docked. 

My grandfather would take me out early in the mornings and give me a training course on each.  I got to take lead and be captain of the paddle boat, canoe and fishing boat.  However, I was the first mate on the pontoon and speed boat for safety reasons.  Speaking of safety, let’s move on to the next topic. 

Safety Out On The Water

I always play it safe while out on the water. Even though I took all the life-saving classes and an excellent swimmer I always wear my personal floating device while on a water vessel.  

You could be the greatest swimmer in the world, but it only takes one time to be caught off guard.  So no taking any chances out on the water period!

Boating License

Since I have been around boats for a good part of my life,  I thought it would a good idea to get my boating license so I could be the captain and drive a boat.  So my husband and I took the course and both received our boating license.  The course and tests are online, so you can go at your own leisure. 

Once we got our licenses we took a drive up to Orillia to test out driving skills out on the water.  I must say it was quite fun and we enjoyed our time out on Lake Couchiching.

We have not had the chance to get out on the lake this year due to Covid19, but are hoping to get out on the water before summers end!

Stay tuned for updates of our boating adventures.

Stay safe,


Do You Like To Write Too?

Hey, we all need to start somewhere. Christine started her writing journey by writing for websites just like this one. If you love boating and want to write an original article, we’ll publish it on Boating Guide (as long as it’s decent, that is, and our editors can help you with that). We appreciate all sailors, so we’re always happy to help out. Contact Us for writing opportunities today.

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