The many faces of Jeremy Shantz

About Jeremy Shantz

Jeremy Shantz is an internet entrepreneur and founder of Farm 6 Media. This page is about Jeremy Shantz, his history, experiences both professional and in life, and about Jeremy’s mission to make the planet and internet a better place.

‘And that’s the way she goes.’

Ray Flower, Trailer Park Boys

Good things come to those who work hard.

Jeremy is not only a crazy online entrepreneur, but he also loves to write electronic music, go boating, hiking and spend time outdoors, garden and hang out with animals like man’s best friend, the dog.

One of my organic tomatoes ripening on the plant.

I have also found my passion for gardening and growing my own food. I’ve had plenty of experience with plants, mostly in relation to keeping tropicals for my reptiles and amphibians, but also aquatic plants for my fish. A few years back, when my health started to decline, I turned to organics and gardening. I’ve been growing my own food, as much as possible, ever since.

Jeremy Shantz aka Boater Jer aka Farmer Jer

About Jeremy Shantz – Current Goals

Currently, I am working full time with Farm 6 Media and building my websites. These websites include Boating Guide, Dog House Times, my gardening site:, and my music site

Why do I do it? I love it. I love to research and write. It gives me a really good feeling to write an article for people to read that gives them valuable information. That information should be from a trusted source and writers should be upfront about where they get their information. Too many blogs are fluffy crap that does not seem to ever cite sources and are barely credible enough to provide information in the first place. I don’t want to ever be one of those.

I want to give good, real, researched information and to provide it in a readable format that is delivered to not only entertain but maybe even inspire or teach. If I can give you a good read that teaches you something and you enjoy it, then my work here is done. I hope you enjoy my work.

Jeremy Shantz

Do You Like To Write Too?

Hey, we all need to start somewhere. Jer started out his internet journey by writing for some other sites. If you like boating and want to write an original article, we’ll publish it on Boating Guide (as long as it’s decent that is, and our editors can help you with that). We appreciate young and new sailors, so we’re always happy to help out. Contact Us for writing opportunities today.

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