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Steer your boating experience in the right direction with Jeremy Shantz, a seasoned sailor, boating enthusiast, and the guiding beacon behind the online boating resource hub, Hyperwave Media Group Ltd. Jeremy’s lifelong passion for boating, nurtured since his earliest kayaking and canoeing adventures before age ten, empowers him to deliver an authentic and relatable guide to everything DIY boating.

Jeremy’s boating voyage has taken him on countless day and weekend trips aboard a catamaran, setting sail with the wind, as well as tranquil fishing escapades on a bass boat. Every journey, every moment on the water has further cemented his love for boating and deepened his understanding of the sea and its many moods.

Away from the helm, Jeremy’s diverse professional background across digital marketing, technical services, and the entertainment industry, combined with his academic credentials in electro-mechanical engineering, marketing, and web development, equips him with a comprehensive toolkit. This blend of experience and knowledge allows him to deliver content that is both engaging and technically accurate, serving as a trusted compass for fellow boating enthusiasts.

Jeremy’s love for nature and animals, including his trusted German Pinscher, Tucker, his lifelong interest in exotic marine life, and his personal journey with boating make him a genuine voice in the boating community. He stands at the bow, sharing his wisdom and experience with fellow sailors, always ready to help navigate through the vast sea of DIY boating.

Embark on a voyage with Jeremy, and discover the confidence to master your own boating adventures. Experience the tranquility and thrill that comes from truly understanding your vessel, as you journey together across the endless expanse of water.


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