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PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone – Best Surface Drone?

Powerdolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone

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Boating and marine trips are incomplete without a water drone. Let’s face it; there is no fun if you cannot peek under the water. Don’t worry; there is no need to personally dive into the water for that (although that’s fun too). Thanks to the water surface drones, you can enjoy amazing scenic underwater views from the pleasure of your boat. 

The water drone that we’re talking about here is PowerVision PoweDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone. The name itself clearly states that it’s a surface drone and cannot dive into the water. However, its usage and output surpass awesomeness. This particular model houses mind-blowing features and is within the budget of the most ordinary people. “See above Sea below.” That’s what the producers say about the product.

A top view of the PowerVision Powerdolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone is shown in this photo.
Is this a water surface drone, or a spaceship?

Unique Features of the Surface Drone

There are a lot of unique and special features that this model possesses. Since it’s a surface drone, please do not confuse it with an underwater drone. Due to this, its usage slightly differs from underwater drones.

  • Mobile Fish finding technology: This surface drone is beneficial for those who’re having a hard time catching fish. Taking the help of mobile fish finding technology ensures that your fishing trip remains perfect. 
  • Above-water and underwater shooting: Those who’re looking to shoot videos or film on the water surface can do so as the drone is capable of floating on the water surface. As a result, you can capture breathtaking scenes that deliver a fantastic look and feel to your video. In addition to that, you can also shoot underwater videos. The camera can tilt so that it can capture scenes under the water.
  • Multiple modes
    • Cruise Mode: If you want your drone to move at a constant speed, then this is the most preferred mode. This mode is only for surface shooting.
    • Normal Mode: This does not have anything fancy. It’s the most common mode. When the drone operates in this mode, it can achieve a maximum velocity of 4.5 m/s. This mode works for surface shooting.
    • Underwater Mode: Using this mode allows your drone’s camera to tilt downward to 220 degrees. It is the perfect setup if you want to capture underwater images. 
  • Classy Design: Thanks to its compact and stylish design, you do not have to make special arrangements to carry the device. It can easily fit in the most conventional backpacks. In addition to that, it’s highly portable and does not weigh too much. The overall appearance is sporty and unisex. You don’t have to worry about looking uncool in front of your friends because of its poor design.

Water Surface Drone Hardware/Technical Specifications

The PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone has some pretty impressive hardware. Here is a list of the essential equipment and technical specifications.

  • 4K Ultra HD camera with multiple resolution settings is standard. It creates enough freedom to customize the output as per your requirements. The camera can also rotate up to 220o to ensure that you can cover most of the underwater surface.
  • The wireless remote has a range of up to 0.5 miles.
  • A super long-lasting battery can let the drone work perfectly for up to 2 hours. You can also purchase additional batteries if you want. 
  • It can achieve a maximum speed of 10mph. 
The Powerdolphin water surface drone on deck with some fish during a fishing trip.
The PowerDolphin on deck with some fishies.

Potential Applications and Usage For Water Surface Drones

You might be thinking that how this product can be useful for an ordinary person. Or maybe you’re curious to know how such a device can become a part of your life. Believe it or not, but this gadget has a lot of potential in influencing your life, especially on your boating trips, not buying that? Take a look at the following possibilities.


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Whenever you’re out on a boating trip, having such a product by your side can let you film and shoot precious memories. With such a movie, you can brag to your friends of possessing fresh and exciting stuff. It is helpful for recreational purposes. A boating trip without fun videos is merely dull.

Those who’re into the filming industry and want to shoot underwater scenes or surface scenes can always use it. The quality of output is breathtaking, and it is possible to shoot professional-grade videos with this gadget.

Staying Dry Has Never Been So Much Fun With This Surface Drone

If you want to peek under the water and don’t want to get wet simultaneously, this surface drone comes in handy. Simply let it float near your boat, and enjoy underwater scenes. You do not have to leave the comfort of your boat or a yacht for this.

It is a great gift option. Your friends or relatives will love that you presented them with such a product. This way, you can develop healthy relationships with them. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to go out on a boating trip, this product will encourage you. If not you, maybe your kids will love to play with this cool drone. You can create videos of yourself enjoying the boat, which is impossible even with an expensive DSLR. 

Now that there are endless ways of using this drone, it is never a bad idea to buy one for self. Also, since the product is under most users’ budgets, you don’t have to worry about shedding a lot of money. In addition to that, it is available on e-commerce websites. So again, no need to rush to the market and leave the comfort of your home.

The PowerDolphin, controller and fish finder all are shown in this file photo.
This is not your ordinary surface drone. Take a look at the fish finder technology the Wizard kit includes.

Limitations of PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone

Even though the product seems fresh and exciting, there are a few issues with it. It is not related to the technical part. It’s all about its limited usage.

  • The range is limited to 0.5 miles. If you’re seeking a device that can move farther away, then there is no point in purchasing this model.  However, in our opinion, 0.5 miles is pretty good if you are using this off a dock or your boat.
  • There is no way that you’ll be able to use it in high waves. The device won’t be able to withstand strong winds and massive waves.  Of course, a flying drone can’t typically withstand stormy conditions either.  Maybe take a look at one of the underwater drones we recommend in that case.
  • The main issue arises in dim environments. Even though it merely floats on the water surface, but if you’re looking forward to making it capture underwater images, then bad luck!  This drone could use a steady light attachment.  Maybe the folks at PowerVision will make a night vision camera version?

If you’re okay with such limitations, then it is safe to buy this model. However, even if there is the slightest possibility of second thoughts, then be clear before purchasing.  Or, take a look at one of the other drones like the aerial drones or an underwater drone – the ultimate in boating gadget fun!


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Advantages of PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone

  • This drone works beautifully, even in saltwater. Many people believe that the extreme conditions in the ocean can destroy even the most durable metals. Built to work correctly in saltwater, you can stay on the boat and watch sharks with no fear of injury with this drone. There is no harm in unleashing this drone in open seawater.
  • It’s a durable product, and you cannot expect it to damage or die anytime soon. However, one should always be cautious and handle the product with care.  Don’t go driving it into rocks or hard objects.
  • It is not an inferior product. Most people have a thought that cheap product means low quality. But believe it or not, this model offers excellent quality within the budget.
  • The drone perfectly blends in with the aquatic environment. In most cases, you shouldn’t worry about any predator destroying it. The cute lights deliver a fantastic touch.

Awards and Achievements of the PowerDolphin

Winning an award is no joke. It is proof of its quality, so if this surface drone has received an award says something that it speaks for the product.


Practical Issues

While you’re enjoying your boating trip, the drone might be shooting you guys or busy filming the underwater view. Some possible issues arise while you’re on your journey. It is a smart idea to prepare for that.

The battery can last up to 2 hours, but you should expect its maximum life of not more than 100 minutes in reality. Carrying an extra set of cells is the least you can do.

Make sure that the product is not physically damaged. Even the slightest opening will destroy it as soon as you put it on the water. You need to be double sure that the seal is in good shape, it’ll become a vessel for the watery depths of Davey Jones locker otherwise.

Sonar accessory for the Powerdolphin water surface drone.
Sonar Accessory – Fish finding madness!
Remote control for the Powerdolphin water surface drone.
Control Joystick for the PowerDolphin.

What Can We Conclude?

After a thorough review of PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone from all aspects, it is safe to say that almost every family should buy it. If you’re a boating trip lover, or love to go out on marine trips, this can be of great use. 

Due to its limitation of working only on the water surface, it can be a bit frustrating, as you won’t be able to do stuff that you could do with an underwater drone.  But the footage you can get with the PowerDolphin is incredible.

All those who wish to film their underwater movie can also go for this product. Using it on a professional level even will be helpful. Several advantages support the product. But this doesn’t change the fact that it also holds definite limitations. 


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Briefly, you can conclude that the device is not suitable for extremely heavy weather and high waves. If you’re looking for something more extreme or more professional, this is not the right choice. It is well suited for light to medium hobby users, who wish to shoot and snap under the seas’ surface.

We recommend the PowerVision PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone.

The PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone is shown in this photo.
The PowerDolphin Wizard Water Surface Drone is a fun gadget to take boating.

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