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PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder – A Smart Fishing Gadget

The PowerSeeker - An Intelligent Fish Finder of Tomorrow That's Here Today.

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PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder Review

Do you love fishing? Who doesn’t? Fishing is not an easy task, especially if you’re out on a trip with your friends. It’s because, at such times, it becomes a matter of pride to quickly catch a vast fish. 

Mostly, people find it hard even to trace a fish. In such cases, people tend to lose interest in this activity. But don’t worry, what if you can detect fish underwater so you can catch them without mercy?

Your fishing trip will be that much better when you have a fish finder device by your side. Here, the selected model PowerVision PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder is taken into consideration. 

It’s an intelligent device, which is built specially to act like a sonar system. All you have to do is unleash this gadget into the water and detect fish for you.

Incredible Features And Versatility

If you think it’s useless, then think again. You are not going to regret buying this fantastic boating gadget, as its uses are not limited to just detecting fish. 


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  1. For instance, its fish detection range is impressively high, which can reach up to 80m under the water. You’ll be glad to know that its detection system is insanely accurate. It easily surpasses perfection. But, there can be problems below 80m. 
  2. Not only that, but this gadget will also inform you about the water temperature. In addition to that, you can learn water depth and underwater topography from this tool.
  3. It has the capability to transmit information in real-time to the Vision+ App. For this, you need to install the application on your smartphone. Simply open the application, and let the device deliver results to your phone, while you sit back and relax on your boat.
  4. The model is compact and can fit in most backpacks. Even the appearance is crisp and ‘unisexy’ (yeah, we said it). White color is appreciable too. It can fit in your palm and weighs merely 110g.
  5. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to use this product. Believe it or not, but it’s straightforward to use, even a 5-year-old kid can get started with it.
  6. The device can be used in conjunction with other PowerVision devices like the PowerDolphin – an incredible Surface Drone that films incredible video just under the water’s surface.

Please keep in mind that this fish finder doesn’t go under the water. It stays on the surface and does its business.

Who Should Buy This Smart Fish Finder?

The answer is, “Almost all the people who like to boat, fish, or use cool toys in the water.” You must be thinking, why? The reason is simple. 

Since almost everyone loves and enjoys fishing, this device comes handy while on a fishing or a boating trip. 

You must also understand that even if you’re not on your fishing mission, the product is still useful. For example, if you’re out on a boating or a marine trip, you must be curious to know about the marine life moving underwater. For such curiosity, the device can be of great use.

Finally, even if you’re not into fishing stuff, this is also a great gift option. It’s impossible that none of your friends or relatives aren’t into fishing. 

Gift it to such people, and see how they shower you with their love.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea.  It’s a very cool little boating gadget tech toy for the water, fishing, and more.

PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder
PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder being cast by a fisherman.

How and When is This Smart Fish Finder Useful?

PowerVision PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder is a classy device that can save you on multiple occasions.


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  • Imagine that you go out fishing with your friends, and somehow, you’re having a bad day. You don’t manage to hook even a single target on your rod. Unleash this buddy on the water surface to learn about the density of fish and their locations.  Now you’re cookin’ with gasoline!
  • Many times it becomes hard to say if there are any fish at your fishing spot. Or maybe you’re unable to spot a place with a high fish population. Let the device do its detection thing so you can go to the place where you can easily catch some elusive fish.
  • If you want to get into the water and are not sure about its temperature, you can know it from this device. It’d be wrong if you get wet and catch a cold.
  • When you want to know the depth of water, this product comes handy. It is impossible to know the water depth just by looking at it. You’d never want to slip or meet an accident while having fun.

Technical Features and Specifications

  • Superb Battery Life: This fish finder has a dramatically long-lasting battery, which can power it for up to 4 hours. It is safe to say that you might get tired of fishing, but the device won’t get tired of finding targets for you.
  • Impressive Detection: The detection system can move up to 30o. Because of this, it can cover a larger area without moving too much. It’s all about physics.
  • Depth Range: It has a depth range between 0.6 meters to 80 meters. The higher limit is pretty impressive, and there is no way any target will run away from its detection system.
  • Long-Distance Communication: You can unleash the device far away from your boat. Thanks to the long communication hardware, you’ll be in touch with the gadget for a maximum distance of 100 meters. Don’t let it go farther.
  • Automatic ON/OFF: This product will automatically be in action as soon as you immerse it in water. When you take it out of the water, it’ll switch off automatically after 1 minute.
  • Fish Luring Lights: The bottom of the product is equipped with six blue colored fish luring lights. So even if there are no fish nearby, it is possible to seduce them, since the lights will attract them and act as bait.
  • Versatility: It is capable of operating as a stand-alone device. But it can also work together with other PowerVision products (PowerRay and PowerDolphin).
The PowerDolphin - A fast and versatile water surface drone.
The PowerDolphin – A fast and versatile water surface drone.
The PowerRay Underwater Drone in action.
The PowerRay Underwater Drone in action.

Advantages of PowerVision PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder

The gadget will be useful in saving your time and effort. Who’d put their efforts in catching fish at a place without any targets? That would be like using a bow and arrow blindfolded.  

Since it’ll let you learn about their presence, you can easily save time and avoid frustration.

You can always brag about owning such a fresh and exciting device. Your friends and relatives will love to spend time with you. If you have no luck in catching fish, then this device can turn the situation upside down. The uncool guy, who is terrible at fishing, can become a star catcher.

Having such a product will encourage you to go out on a fishing trip. It helps get your kids and family out to experience real fun and adventure.

It’s also a sturdy and durable product. But don’t be careless, and you must make sure to handle it with extreme care.  Just because it’s durable, doesn’t mean that you should try smashing it on rocks or anything.

PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder
PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder – Like something out of the movie 2010. HAL, is that you?

Limitations and Disadvantages

Even though this device looks fresh and unusual, you must be well aware that nothing is perfect. The sonar system claims high accuracy, but in dirty water, its performance can degrade.


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If the product has even the slightest opening in its body, there is no point in using it. You can mark it as “destroyed.” 

Practically, you must expect the detection depth only up to 70m. The claim of 80m, although right, tends to lose a bit of clarity at the end, so just assume 70 instead.

Its round shape can be annoying and frustrating. Also, during high tides and waves, it is prone to collapse. You cannot risk it to hit any hard object. It can easily damage or get broken if smashed against rocks.

On top of everything, it’s hazardous to let it out on a low battery. If the device shuts down due to a dead battery, you’ll have a hard time recovering your precious gadget.  Unless you can see it from where you are and have a boat to go out on the water to retrieve it.

If you’re okay with such limitations, then there’s nothing to worry about with this smart fishfinder. Let your next fishing trip become one of the top 10 moments of your life. It’s not exaggerating, but if you find this fish finder useful and are satisfied with its overall features, advantages, and disadvantages, there is no point in holding back.

What Can We Conclude?

After studying PowerVision PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder from all the aspects, it is safe to conclude that the product is worth buying. 

However, it must only be considered if you or any of your friends and relatives are into fishing. Since it acts as a great gift option, you can always present it to someone you know who loves to fish or go boating. 


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The device is available online to purchase, so again, you don’t need to head to the market and deal with crowds.

The durability depends totally upon the users’ use. Going easy on it may increase its lifespan while bullying. It can destroy it in seconds.

Taking features and cost into account, you can say that the product is not overpriced. So, even the most budget-oriented individuals can likely afford to purchase the gadget as it is not overpriced; it seems undervalued in our opinion. 

Proper care of this device is a must. Thanks to its portability and compact size, you can carry it easily. You don’t need to make extra efforts in its storage in your house. 

Its stylish and unisex appearance won’t let your reputation down in any manner. It is best suited for people who have no luck in fishing or those who want an exponentially better chance. 

The product can turn the tables for you, but don’t entirely rely on it. 

It is essential to be clear that this fish finder is primarily for fish detection purposes. Using it for other purposes cannot guarantee success.


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