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The Geneinno T1 – A Professional Diving Drone With Robotic Arm

Geneinno T1 Underwater Drone

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What’s so great about an underwater drone?

Small drone aircraft systems are a ubiquitous sight these days. It is most unlikely that you haven’t spotted one in real life till now. But underwater drones are not something of an everyday view. Submarine ROVs or UAVs are making huge waves now (notice the pun?). No seriously! 

Take your videography skills to the next level with an underwater drone that brilliantly captures your adventures during an exciting diving experience or on your work mission! And using an ultimate underwater drone like the Genienno T1 is a professional-caliber choice indeed.

So, thinking about why you need to own an underwater drone now? Because the underwater realm opens up a colossal horizon to explore, it is sure that you could be shooting explicit footage that no one has ever covered before! 

T1 with arm attached and lights lit explores the shadowy unexplored depths in this photo.
T1 Underwater Diving Drone with arm attached and lights lit explores the shadowy unexplored depths.

Did you know that over 80% of the world’s oceans have yet to see exploration?

If you are a curious adventurer who is always open for more fun, then an underwater drone is indeed your next partner in crime. And lastly, you should own one because the rates are so affordable now that you don’t have to keep putting it off on your Wishlist anymore!


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Using an Underwater Drone From the Boat

The Geneinno T1 Underwater Diving Drone
A Professional Underwater Diving Drone for Everyone!

Whether taking your fishing expeditions to the next level or coming up close with aquatic nature, a good waterproof diving drone is a great device to have onboard. You also have to know that using a drone off a boat isn’t easy.  

Considering the water’s turbulence and the swelling upward and down motion of the ship (even when docked), it takes an efficient and powerful aerial device to take off and land on the boat. 

Underwater drones specifically designed to overcome these issues (when being used on watercraft), can handle the situation quickly with precision. 

So, why will you be using an underwater drone from a boat? 

There are many instances when you will be using an underwater drone from a boat, and identifying the specific purpose is essential. Why? Because the mission defines the type of drone that you will be needing. 

To make a thoughtful purchase of the exact UAV you need, you must note if any of these are the reasons you need an underwater drone.

  • You are a diver by passion or profession and want to capture the underwater scene’s fantastic shots. 
  • You are a marine fanatic and like to explore the aquatic nature under the sea. And of course, expose the glory with marvelous video and images. 
  • You are on a shipwreck exploration or researching the same. If so, you will need underwater footage as proof of evidence and as a feed for further investigation. 
  • You are a boat owner and want an underwater drone for cleaning and hull inspection of the boat. No need to lift the vessel or move it from its mooring!
  • You are a fishing expert or like to go on fishing expeditions.  A robotic device will help you to find new grounds remotely. And, stay away from dangerous fishes, if any (of course).
  • You are part of a team that conducts salvage work in the water. An underwater drone can lend a helping hand in getting the job done most efficiently and quickly.

Any of the above (or maybe all!) could be why you are curious to know about underwater drones. Some options like the PowerDolphin Surface Drone and the PowerEgg Wizard Aerial Waterproof Drone could fulfill some of the purposes mentioned above. 

However, although functional beyond expectation in their own right, these drones are not true underwater drones, like the Geneinno T1 is.  But whatever may be why you would want to have an underwater drone, we have an excellent choice of boating gadget here that is great to have on board your boat – The Geneinno T1!


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The Geneinno T1- One of the Best Professional Diving Drone Boating Toys

Geneinno T1 diving drone Illuminates The Reef.
Geneinno T1 Illuminates The Reef

The Geneinno T1 is one of the best waterproof drones with state-of-the-art technology built to take deep dives, even in the ocean. This drone descends into the unknown depths of the lakes, seas, or oceans and records every detail in clarity. 

What is even more exciting about the T1? It has a robotic arm to grab stuff underwater! Besides, it can meticulously operate from and off the boat with ease. Talk about technological prowess, functionality, and sophistication, built into a single device!

Hang on in there as we give you more details about this compelling gadget in specifics!

11 Features of the T1 Underwater Diving Drone You Can’t Ignore

  • Deepest Underwater Drone
  • 4K UHD Camera
  • 3000 LM LED Lights
  • Motion and Hover
  • Self-Balance System
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Ergonomic Controller
  • Design and Durability
  • Robotic Arm
  • Microphone Connectivity
  • Sonar Ready

Deepest Underwater Drone

It is probably one of the most profound underwater uncrewed vehicles that give you the most explicit pictures of the ocean’s darkest depths. Available in two tether lengths of 100m and 150m, this submarine ROV can conquer depths of around 492 feet underwater with the extension support. The Geneinno helps you remotely discover places that humans are hesitant to explore on their own, all from the comfort of your boat!

4K UHD Camera

The Geneinno provides for professional HD shooting quality with the 4K UHD camera, giving you precise and crystal-clear videos from underwater. The drone’s camera has a 1/2.5″ CMOS sensor to capture 8MP still photos also. 

The waterproof diving drone can even live stream in 1080p to the handheld controller and has a wide-angle lens of 160 degrees. FPV goggles are also available optionally.  The red and purple dive filters assist in color correction while capturing footage, seen on camera differently in fresh and saltwater. 

3000 LM LED Lights

There are two 1500 lumen headlights on the front of this diving drone that helps illuminate the surroundings. Capture the original scene of the ocean and explore the deepest parts. 


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Motion and Hover

The Geneinno has six powerful thrusters with a maximum speed of 6.6 feet/sec. The six motored ROV has two horizontal motors on the back and four vertical motors. 

The ROV can hover at high and low-speed modes automatically and race through the ocean like a fish. This diving drone is designed to move around seamlessly and can reach maximum speed within seconds.  The replaceable propellers are robust and reliable. 

Self-Balance System

The last thing you want while controlling your diving drone from the boat, is to lose it the powerful current underwater, isn’t it? Of course, recovering the expensive gadget from the ocean’s deepest depths isn’t an accessible business. 

But you need not have ANY worries with the Geneinno because this diving drone possesses an expert build with the challenges of diving in mind. The equipment has a self-balance system that can perform very well in high and robust currents underwater. 

Guided with a precise steering algorithm, the Geneinno Titan commands the speed, endurance, and agility needed to withstand deep-diving challenges and amidst strong currents. 

Impressive Battery Life

The Geneinno T1, built with a 9000mAh lithium battery that has passed the TSA certification, lasts longer than most people underwater, that’s for sure. And so, this diving drone can operate up to 4 hours on a single battery charge! Because you will be running this drone from a boat, the long battery charge is indeed a boon. 

Ergonomic Controller

This diving drone comes with a Bluetooth connected handheld controller. Besides, the drone pilots can also use their own smartphone/tablet via the app to control the Geneinno Titan


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The user-friendly app works on iOS and android operating systems. Specially designed for the drone, the app assists in tracking the drone’s precise path in realtime. By live-streaming your underwater journey directly to your smart devices, it is possible to watch the epic moment. 

Design and Durability

The patented underwater waterproof design supports undersea exploration without any hitches. The military level-built material can endure a pressure of 1.5mpa, protecting the drone from any stress-related issues while investigating the depths. The drone comes in a hard-shell suitcase that makes carrying and transporting the equipment and accessories easy and comfortable, even in rough handling. 

Robotic Arm

It is probably the most highlighted feature of the Geneinno that distinguishes itself from other similar drones. If the visual feast wasn’t enough to excite you, this feature of the arm gripper adds a new dimension to your underwater diving experience.  

This robotic gripper arm, easily mounted to the undercarriage of your Titan Geneinno, makes it more than just an underwater camera.  And it is also available separately in case you only purchased the base model initially.

This detachable interface addon is an impressive feature that helps to pick up and drop items underwater.  The robotic arm has a gripping diameter of 2.36 inches and a gripping force of up to 13.2 pounds. 

It makes for an excellent accessory to explore the depths and bring back what you find. This arm is removable and does not create many significant changes in the overall buoyancy of the drone.

Extra Features

Also, the Geneinno Titan comes with other adaptable extensions like the underwater microphone, sonar, and more to increase the unit’s functionality and feasibility.


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So, suppose you are a professional diver or are seriously planning to invest in a sophisticated and complex underwater drone. In that case, we suggest you go for the Geneinno titan without any hesitation. 

But if you are going to use the drone lightly and need a comparatively cheaper version of a submarine ROV, we have some other option recommendations.

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The T1 checks out an underwater wreck in this photo.
Another wreck found by the T1 Diving Drone!

Two Alternatives to the Geneinno T1

Nemo Underwater Drone With 4K UHD Camera

While operating your drone from a boat or shore or dock, you must consider the equipment’s stability and endurance. The Nemo underwater drone is great for lakes, pools, and smaller water bodies, unlike the Geneinno T1.  

However, it can also handle the ocean on calm days.  Here are some of the highlighted details of the Nemo underwater drone. It will give you more insight into the capability of this gadget. 

Diving Depth

The Nemo underwater drone is great for enhanced diving, fishing, and boating experience. You can explore the water’s depths with this high definition drone, but for a lesser altitude than the Geneinno titan. The Nemo underwater drone can dive deep to 100 meters or 328 ft, which is ideal for scuba divers, fishing, and filming purposes. 

Good Camera Resolution Features

The Nemo underwater drone from the startup Aquarobotman has an ultra-stable VR view and a UHD 4K 30FPS camera. The fantastic video and image quality give you a clear picture of the underwater aquatic life. 

The Nemo underwater drone impresses us with its immersive experience with VR goggles on. It enables you to see what the drone sees in real-time, with a virtually near feel!

LED Lights

You can explore the deep underwater levels with the Nemo drone as it is equipped with LED lights to illuminate the surroundings for clearer vision. This drone has 8 LED fill light rigs that add up to 1000 lumens. 


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This power is perfect for the depths that it conquers compared to the 3000LM lights of the Geneinno titan used to fare deeper dives. 

QAS Balance System

The patented QAS balance system enables stable underwater exploration and video footage. The Nemo underwater drone designed with this balance system is reliable, primarily when used from a boat. It is not to say that one cannot operate from shore, but our experience is boating.

Moreover, the 4-thrust system favors the most stable operation while in water. The three horizontal thrusters and the thruster in the vertical direction account for the additional sturdiness and balance of the water unit, which other rivals (from the same range) lack. 

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, we have to say that this underwater drone scores behind the Geneinno T1. The Nemo is said to have a run time of 3 hours with a single 1.5 hours of battery charge. The manufacturer suggests carrying backup battery cells for longer duration dives. 

Nevertheless, the Nemo underwater drone features a quick-change modular battery cell.  The battery is easy to change, making it quite adaptable to multiple excursions. 


The Nemo connects to a Wi-fi controller via a particular cable or harness. The app is easy to use and enables a real-time view from the drone. The app can also be easily installed and managed from your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can share the real-time video on your social media platforms as well. 

Design and Durability

The Nemo underwater drone has a waterproof body that is also anti-corrosive. The drone can handle fresh and saltwater exploration. The drone can brilliantly hover around at different altitudes.  

The Nemo underwater drone and accessories come packed in a convenient backpack that makes transportation of the equipment convenient and easy. 

Overall, we liked the Nemo underwater drone for its impressive ability to steer through strong tidal movement even though it may not be as sturdy in the build as the Geneinno Titan T1. It is an affordable ROV that fulfills all the underwater drone requirements, even when operating from a boat (recommended). 

The Aquarobotman Nemo Drone Hit with carrying bag is shown.
The Nemo waterproof drone kit is shown with carrying backpack, from Amazon.

Youcan Robot Underwater Drone BW Space ROV 

Here is a drone that can auto-follow you and film while in you dive underwater. The Youcan underwater BW space ROV has a description of the gadget that appeals to hobby photography enthusiasts, marine biologists, and drone enthusiasts alike. 

Scuba divers and fishing experts also find this underwater drone very useful to conquer deep diving depths. Here are some of the highlighted features of this underwater drone. 


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Diving Depth

The Youcan underwater drone can descend to 100m or 330 feet, unlike the Geneinno T1. Hence, this drone is somewhat the right choice for smaller diving expeditions and not for deep exploration in the ocean. 

Nonetheless, the Youcan underwater drone is well equipped with auto features like autopiloting modes, auto direction control, etc., making it efficient in its functionality, though slightly limited in comparison. 

Camera Resolution Features

Equipped with a 1 /1.8″ sensor and an F1.4 aperture lens, the Youcan Robot underwater drone can capture high definition sound quality pictures and video footage. Also, the 6x Zoom feature contributes to precision detailing in the shots. 

The drone has an optimum motion range of ±45°, enabling it to shoot more footage from convenient and flexible angles. 

Impressive Battery Life

This diving drone has indeed impressed us with the battery capacity, which is par with the Geneinno titan T1. The 9600mAh high-density lithium battery has a large size and can operate up to 5 hours! This battery capacity is 45% greater than other products of the same cost range.


The Youcan BW space’s controller is easy to use, and hence, it is equally functional for both beginners and experts. The camera module uses a communication cable to attach the controller. Since the blade is Wi-Fi enabled, it is simple to hook up to a reliable smartphone or tablet. 

Design and Durability

The Youcan Robot drone’s friendly design with the handle makes it comfortable to handle and easy to carry. The build material is seawater and corrosion resistant, making it great as an underwater camera for saltwater applications. 

The digital defogging and image stabilizer features further enhance the drone’s shooting capability and contribute to its durability. 

Smart Auto-Follow Mode

The Youcan BW Space ROV uses recognition technology. It helps to film a person underwater within a range of 0.5 to 5 meters apart. Now you can keep your hands free while driving, but be 100% assured that the ROV will capture the best video footage!


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Moreover, this ROV has an auto light-adjusting feature that lights up the external environment while it shoots the water’s depths. So, it takes the worry about lighting as well.  It is your underwater following light and camera crew in one!

Overall, we found the Youcan Robot Underwater Drone BW Space ROV to be the perfect accomplice for amateurs and beginners at using underwater drones from a boat. 

Nonetheless, this drone is best suited for hobby enthusiasts and professionals alike who use the gadget regularly. If you are searching for a less expensive yet functional underwater drone, this is a good option. 

Top Essentials to Consider When Choosing the Best Underwater ROV

Many underwater drones in the market cater to different sectors of people – both professional and nonprofessional. But whichever underwater drone you choose, there are specific attributes that you must consider. Here are a few of the general characteristics that you must look out for:

Camera Quality

Underwater drones come with cameras so that you can actually “see” the underwater world. Most of them have built-in LED lights to illuminate the external surroundings.

The industry standard for drone camera quality matches a 4K ultra HD for video quality and 1080p live streaming. When you are choosing an underwater drone, it is but a prerequisite these days that you get one with the characteristics mentioned above.

Battery Life

The battery life of a drone dictates its duration to stay underwater. If the underwater tasks require long hours to finish or have no provision to change the batteries frequently, it is most favorable to get an underwater drone with the lengthiest battery life. 

The Price

With recreational drones invading the market, underwater drones have become more affordable these days. Underwater drones that meet recreational purposes are usually priced at around $1000-$3000 nowadays. More professional drones with 4K camera quality and extended battery life can cost anything above $3000. 

Extended Addons & Features

Underwater drones designed with essential features that enable high-quality photography and videography are the final frontier’s explorers here on Earth. In addition to that, most underwater drones offer extended addon utilities that enhance the underwater drones’ feasibility and functionality. 


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Like the Geneinno titan T1, a robotic arm is probably one of the best add ons that you can expect from an underwater drone. 

A Final Word On The Underwater Drones Reviewed

Finally, we wouldn’t mind iterating over and over again that the Geneinno Titan T1 is an underwater drone that you shouldn’t miss when searching for a reliable and sturdy professional diving drone. 

The other drones are good in their limited capacity. Still, nothing beats the Geneinno titan T1 for high tech advanced features and durability combined into one at this affordable price!

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