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The Geneinno S1 Trident – An Underwater Scooter For High-Speed Adventure

Geneinno S1 Underwater Scooter is shown in this image.

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Swimming and snorkeling are always fun to do from your boat. And underwater scooters bring acceleration and excitement to swimming in a way little else can. There are many underwater scooters, but it is crucial to select the best and most durable underwater scooter to help you enhance the thrill of your underwater adventures. And the S1 Trident underwater scooter delivers.

If you are looking for an out of the box, full of fun and enjoyment, deep-sea adventure at high speed and durability, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is the best choice for you.

It offers the most incredible durability, a strong motor, and safety with a high speed of up to 4 miles per hour.  And the great thrust of about 26.5 lbs combined with an ability to dive to depths of 164ft, The Geneinno S1 Trident leaves its competitors in its wake.

Geneinno S1 Underwater Scooter is shown in this image.
Geneinno S1 Underwater Scooter is shown in this image.

Characteristics of the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter

Unique Design 

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is a stylish underwater scooter that may help anyone swim as a dolphin does. It is a lightweight underwater scooter weighing only 7.7 lbs. 


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Its design is very portable, as it is small in size and can be carried easily in a bag. A risk-free battery makes the scooter permitted by airplane companies for travel so that you can take it anywhere.

It has a neat and integrated design that looks similar to an aircraft.  The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is available in orange and white color with a contrast of black with either. Its design is eye-catching and modern, with a 19.6 x 8.2 x 8.9 inches or 500 x 209 x 226 mm device size.

A diver shows their happiness using the Geneinno S1 underwater scooter in this image.
Image courtesy of Geneinno.

Powerful Motor

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter has a mighty and robust dual motor, which can support a thrust up to 26.5 lbs. The strong motor makes it able to cruise at 4 miles per hour in the ocean. It is a product that is loved by many due to its style and speed. 

Deep Diving 

Most of the dive scooters can take swimmers or divers to the depth of at most 98 feet. And with a speed of hardly 3.7 miles per hour, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter can enhance this experience of up to 4 miles per hour. And to a great depth of 164 feet, which can add more thrill to your underwater adventure.

*, see precautions of DCS.

The S1 is lightweight and works well to propel you under the waves.
The S1 is lightweight and works well to propel you under the waves.

Variable Velocity Control 

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter offers two variable speeds, switched between 2.4 miles per hour and 4 miles per hour with ease by using one button. 

Positive Buoyancy

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter has positive buoyancy, which can make you free from worries of running out of power in the ocean, as it can take you to the surface, where you can exchange your battery.


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Rust Free Motor

One of the significant issues with toys for boating is rusting. The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter has a rust-free motor coated with anti-rust material. The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is very reliable and does not rust. It does not even corrode in saltwater, which makes it durable and long-lasting to use.

Battery Power 

Equipped with a powerful battery, the Trident runs for about 45 minutes without issue. It is as safe as it can be, even allowed to be carried in an airplane without being stopped by airport security (at time of writing, check with your airline first, of course). 

One of the very remarkable features of the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is that it has excellent buoyancy, which helps you get to the surface of the water to exchange your battery if you run out of charge. It can take about 90 minutes to completely charge a battery, so keeping a spare or two is a good idea.

With accessory support, the S1 can be incredibly useful for diving and video capture.

Support For GoPro Cameras

The S1 Trident Underwater Scooter supports GoPro cameras, which make you able to capture your moments underwater. You can also record films underwater if you want to do so. Imagine the YouTube channel you could have using one of these to help film exciting footage. 

Low Price As Compared To Characteristics

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter offers durability, sleek design, high buoyancy, highest acceleration, and deepest dive. Most amazingly, its price is meager compared to the products that are even less in power and speed. It is on Amazon for less than a thousand (depending on which store you buy it from) and typically comes with a 6-month warranty.


Geneinno Technology offers a warranty for its products and parts. And GENEINNO provides a limited 1-year warranty for the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter. Geneinno is responsible for repairing or replacing the unit, free of cost if it fulfills the warranty’s basic requirements. You can read their warranty directly on their website here.

Smart App

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter can be controlled and monitored by using a smart app. With the smart app, one can monitor distance, velocity, depth, and battery charging.


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Packaging – What You Get

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter comes with a battery and charger. As it is very portable, lightweight, and compact-sized, it is easy to carry and move from one place to the other. The packaging also contains usage instructions and warranty documents.

Some Not-So-Common Issues and Their Solutions

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is a very durable, well designed, and well-manufactured device; however, one can have some common issues which are very easy to resolve. 

  • Device Not Turning ON

The issue can arise if you have not used your unit for a long time; all you have to do is charge your battery entirely for 90 minutes. It is the length of time to get it fully charged. Then try to start your device. It will likely turn ON quickly.

  • Propeller Blockage

Sometimes the propeller gets blocked or works slowly. The issue arises due to the propeller’s unwanted foreign material, causing it to slow down. Simply remove the foreign object and clean the propeller using cleaning instructions in the user manual. Be aware of using this device around plants that could tangle the propellor, such as those found in freshwater lakes and ponds.

  • Abnormal Operation

If the device is performing any abnormal operation, simply turn it OFF and back ON. The issue will usually resolve itself by restarting the device. 

Things to Do Before Going for a Swim 

While going for a swim with an underwater scooter, a few things are necessary to look at before you dive into the water. These include as following, 


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  • Always check the device for cracks or physical damages.
  • Always check the charging power of your battery and get your battery fully charged. The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter typically takes 90 minutes to charge a battery completely. 
  • Double-check the device for any battery damage, also do a check of whether the battery is sealed correctly or not. 
  • Check for any foreign debris in the propeller to avoid the device from stopping.
  • Check for any malfunctioning of the product.

The Last Dive Thought

Suppose you are a pro and looking for a combo of outstanding characteristics, fast speed, high thrust, positive buoyancy, and deep dive in your experience of sea diving. In that case, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter is the perfect choice for you. 

It has a stunning and stylish design with eye-catching colors. Manufactured by a very reliable company working for more than seven years strong in the market, you can trust the build, fit, and finish of this underwater scooter. 

The S1 has a mighty dual motor that can produce a thrust of about 26.5lbs, can go as deep as 164 ft with a significant acceleration of 4.0 miles per hour.   

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter has a variable speed ranging from 2.4 miles per hour to 4 miles per hour and can switch between the two with only one button. The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter utilizes the latest in powerful battery technology and is very reliable. One of the best features is if you lose the battery power inside the ocean, its positive buoyancy can bring you to the water’s surface. 

The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter has support for many peripherals, which may enhance user experience. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for those who have enthusiasm for diving, snorkeling, or swimming at a low price. 

As far as my opinion is concerned, you want something full of qualities at a low price and high durability. You are in the right place. The Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter offers all these qualities.

* DCS Precautions

Anytime you’re diving in the ocean, there’s the possibility of DCS or Decompression Sickness.  It typically won’t occur until one reaches depths of 65 feet and possibly only with multiple dives with little surface time.  Rapid ascents from depth can cause the onset of DCS.  If using a propeller system like the Geneinno S1, be aware of your depth and always use appropriate cautions to avoid DCS.  Avoid deep diving with the machine if you are inexperienced with diving.


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