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The Trident Underwater Drone Bundle – Best Deal Under The Sea?

Trident Underwater Drone

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ROVs, or underwater drones, are enhancing the fun element of video and image shooting from totally astonishing angles. If you are a videography/ photography enthusiast, then you know what we are talking about here. You are always on the lookout for different perspectives to shoot footage, and what could amaze you more than a drone! But with the latest in technology drones, the sky is not the limit! They are also invading into the deep seas; to provide incredible footage that you couldn’t even have imagined even a few years back! 

One of the best underwater drones, with the latest technology, is the Trident Underwater drone. And the bundle package makes the drones value much higher than the average price found online for the drone’s purchase. Its the drone bundle that is one of the best assessed waterproof drone bundles online in 2020.

If you are on a boat, you probably would want to capture the drone’s marvelous view flying high. But, have you thought about the numerous possibilities of shooting from underwater? Take your fishing, diving, and other on sea activities to the next level with a high-tech, waterproof drone. Serious hobbyists, recreational users, or professionals will benefit from having an underwater drone on their boats. How? 

The Trident ROV - An underwater drone for all.
The Trident ROV – An underwater drone for all.

Amazing Underwater Drone Features

Specialized underwater drones designed for full waterproof ability (not an occasional splash, but the real deal!) are becoming more accessible. Also, these technically superior gadgets can deal with taking off and landing on a boat. Engineering completed with the distinctive motions experienced by the ship, namely- roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway, and heave. The best underwater drone designed for use from a boat will last longer than one that is not! 

Apart from filming footage’s recreational purpose, how else would an underwater drone benefit from a boat? 


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  • You might have to inspect or clean equipment and installations from underneath the boat.
  • You might have to conduct bathymetry and reef surveys for a professional purpose; in the middle of the water body. 

An underwater ROV will help you fulfill these requirements without the cost, complexity, and risk of diving! So much for having the right underwater drone on your boat! But wait, what is an ROV exactly?

According to Wikipedia, an ROV is a remotely operated underwater vehicle. Cool, right?

But there are many underwater drones in the market to choose from, depending on your needs! How to select the efficient one in its job and, of course, worth in its price? Keep reading as we give insights into one of the best deals in underwater drones that will fulfill your desires! 

Are you looking for the most capable, easy to use, and rugged drone for underwater shooting purpose? Then, you better take a close look at the Trident underwater drone bundle. 

Trident ROV Underwater Drone Front View
Trident ROV Underwater Drone Front View

Trident Underwater Drone Bundle – 13 Benefits To Stand Out In A Crowd

The high precision and quality underwater drone Trident is from the US manufacturer, Sofar. This drone merges between Spoondrift and an openROV, hence also called the openROV Trident. The open ROV trident doesn’t have any tricky features. This reliable underwater drone is designed specifically for subsurface exploration without any fringes. We have broken down the essential functions of the openROV Trident for you, to get a clearer picture. 

Advanced Color Correction 

Trident comes with an advanced color correction algorithm that allows you to see underwater in different colors. Now you can film and record low latency and full HD footage while simultaneously streaming it live.

Tough Design

The Trident boasts of a tough-as-nails design that is perfect for earning its keep in a professional setting. The drone is equipped with a hardened sapphire lens to protect the camera from any scratches. The rugged design of the underwater drone makes it perfectly deployable anywhere. The drone is ultra-compact and a lightweight model. It fits any carry-on luggage and is deployable from a boat or even a kayak!


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Easy Piloting

The airplane inspired flight control of the Trident lets your underwater exploration take the next level. Even at the lowest depths, you can rest assured of the drone’s stability with the motion stabilizing controls and the heads-up display. Piloting the Trident is said to be very similar to flying a drone!

Custom Payloads

It would come as a great resource to some that Trident is an open-source and so, can be extended to include modules and custom sensors as add ons. Hence, it is a great drone for early adopters who want an additional camera or sensor. Since it is extensible, it can grow as your interest in underwater drones becomes greater!

Rugged Motors

Rugged motors of the Trident Underwater Drone are shown in this photo.
Trident motors – built to last!

When diving deep in the sea or ocean, the need arises for protection from the constant exposure to seawater, sand, and sediments. The Trident underwater drone has custom brushless motors that, mainly designed to overcome the extreme circumstances. 

Diving Range

The Trident underwater drone can safely descend and swim around at depths of approximately 100 meters. The 100-meter tether that comes in the bundle is an essential accessory for any deep or distant diving situations from a boat or land. Moreover, the thin neutrally buoyant tether can send live video and telemetry back to the surface, carrying it at 100 Mb/sec to a towable buoy on the surface. The 100 meters harness needs spooling out when the ROV is in the lower power settings. Otherwise, the harness will spool off as it goes with the thruster on full power mode. 

Ergonomic Controller

Ergonomic controller with built in viewport for the Trident underwater drone is shown in this file photo.
Ergonomic controller with built in viewport for the Trident underwater drone.

The recommended controller for Trident is the JXD s192k. This all in one android tablet has a built-in thumbstick and a modern gaming style button layout. So, guiding the trident underwater drone is presumably very similar to a gaming experience in effect! Moreover, the wireless towable buoy uses long-range Wi-Fi signals to send footage and live video to the controller. It increases the vehicle’s practical range, as there need not be a physical connection between the vehicle and the pilot. 

Ease in Maneuvering

The trident ROV can fly (swim), in long straight survey lines called transects. Also, it has a sleek and sturdy design that aids in delicate maneuvering in tight spaces. The unique design compiles the versatility of an ROV and the efficiency of an AUV in one! The Trident underwater drone’s distinctive hydrodynamic streamlined shape allows it to travel in straight lines across long distances. 

Powerful Thruster Design

The unique and hydrodynamically offset thruster configuration allows the Trident underwater drone to move faster through the water and maneuver even in tight quarters. Moreover, the off-center vertical thruster of the underwater drone can cause it to pitch at high speeds. Further, this design also allows the ROV to hover or change depth without pitching at low speeds. The unique three thruster design aids in both low as well as precision control modes. 


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Trident Underwater Drone Bundle - Amazing Portability!
Trident Underwater Drone Bundle – Amazing Portability!

The trident underwater ROV is ultra-portable and super durable in design. As a result, the form factor happens to fit in tiny spaces – a backpack, or even under an airplane seat! Besides, the panels are over-molded with a sturdy rubber coating that protects the ROV from impact from underwater obstacles and also rough handling while transporting. The whole equipment weighs around 2.9kg. 

LED Lights

The embedded led lights allow the drone to capture incredible footage from even the darkest of depths and while diving at night. The powerful LED lights illuminate the surroundings, making it perfect for capturing video and image shots in the dark. 

Improved Software

The Trident ROV’s design has embraced the latest emerging internet standards and converted into an intuitive telerobotic control system. You can now enjoy rich piloting experience on laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. The living open-source projects back the software of Trident and are continually updated. The software boasts a straightforward UI interface for the users giving an out of the box experience in piloting the trident ROV. 

Run time and Battery Superiority

The Trident underwater drone comes with onboard LiFePO4 batteries that give an unobstructed run time of 3 hours.  This is an impressive feat for filming, moving underwater drones.

Final word

If it is a fun, well built and versatile underwater ROV that you are looking for, then the Trident is a perfect choice! The video quality is excellent, and it is easy to transfer the videos. It is a pretty straight forward gizmo with no finicky features to make things complicated. When in operation, the drone can efficiently take off on its own from anywhere, even the boat. The robustly built underwater drone is perfect for freshwater and saltwater. Overall, we feel the Trident underwater drone is an excellent piece of equipment, especially boat owners and fishermen. Whether looking for an anchor line or exploring discoveries under the sea; (like a shipwreck), the Trident could very quickly be your perfect accomplice on the job. The Trident underwater drone will enhance your underwater diving or fishing experience and give you an extra pair of eyes to visualize the underwater scenario in full HD quality; without any hitches even from a boat! 

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