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A Wizard of Technology – The PowerEgg X Wizard Waterproof Drone

PowerEgg Wizard X Aerial Drone

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PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone Kit – A Waterproof, water-landing autonomous smart drone kit that blows our minds.

Do you love to go out on boating and marine trips? No matter if it’s a vacation with your friends or family, preserving valuable moments is essential. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone.  This drone can land on water, making it an excellent candidate for flying over the water while relaxing in a boat.  As a new boating gadget, we felt this water-landing aerial drone deserved a full inspection.

Typically, you’d be capturing videos and snapping pictures with your DSLR or any other regular camera. In such a case, there are a lot of limitations. For instance, you’re on a boat, and you don’t have enough space to click photos of the ship itself so using a water-landing drone is a good idea.  Not without going out for a swim. It would also be troublesome if, due to an accident, your precious camera falls in the water.

Worry not, because bringing an aerial drone on vacation has its own set of advantages. When you’re enjoying yourself with your friends or family, let the aerial drone take care of creating and preserving precious memories for you. The drone that’s taken into consideration here is PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone. It’s an autonomous personal AI camera, which surpasses awesomeness. Not only that, but it also combines the divine supremacy of the latest AI technology as well as extreme sensor monitoring. Don’t believe it? Keep reading; you will believe it soon enough.


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PowerEgg X Wizard Drone

Aerial Drone Breathtaking Features To Blow Your Mind

The PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone is loaded with tons of exciting features, making it one of its kind. In addition to that, using such a product will make you feel like living in the future. Therefore, you can also say that the future of aerial drone has arrived. Here’s the list of features that make this gadget so unique, you won’t know why you didn’t get one already.

  • Multiple modes: The drone offers various camera modes based on the users’ needs. These are:
  1. AI Camera MODE

In the simplest terms, this is the primary mode that’s used by most ordinary people. Consider any situation where you need to snap pictures or shoot videos; this mode comes in handy. You can compare it with a hi-fi DSLR, but with added AI technology. It’s essential and suitable for primary filming and shooting. When using AI camera mode, the device will be handheld. Alternatively, you can let it rest on any stand, etc.

  1. Done MODE

When you want to capture stuff from the aerial view, then this mode comes in handy. It gives the flying ability to your camera. Therefore, you can take aerial shots with ease. Typically, you could only click pictures in a limited range. Nevertheless, thanks to this added ability, your drone can fly high up in the air, and shoot breathtaking shots.

The best part of this mode is that you can add water-landing equipment to your camera. Drone pontoons, if we can call them that.  As a result, it can take-off and land on the waters’ surface. 

The added material makes it waterproof in a sense. Just imagine an emergency landing of an airplane. It’s similar to that. 

The manufacturers claim that this is the first drone camera in the world, which can capture audio is pretty impressive too.

  • AI Face Recognition and SyncVoice: The camera uses face recognition technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It helps in detecting people by reading their faces. 

In addition to that, this drone can have voice synchronized control. It lets users operate the drone by giving it voice commands. Such technology is beneficial since you will have a hard time working a camera that is flying high above the water if you’re trying to pose for a shot.


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  • Superb Camera: The camera of this drone is no joke. You can capture insanely amazing media with it. The quality of images and videos produced by this drone will leave you stunned. It makes it perfect for professional quality uses.
  • This drone can resist the wind speed of up to 22 miles per hour (10m/s). If you want, you can make it waterproof by installing the additional waterproof accessories. It will enable this gadget to land and take-off from a water surface. But, that doesn’t make it waterproof completely. For instance, don’t even try to submerge it entirely in the water.
  • Command the camera with a gesture. Simply stand in front of the camera and make a gesture.
  • Then handheld mode comes handy when you want to use if like a standard digital camera or a DSLR.
  • It is the most exciting and ambitious feature. Typically, when you’re shooting a video, you might have come across an issue where the camera shakes even if it rests appropriately on a stand. In other words, you might be frustrated with the “camera-shaking” phenomenon. 

Worry not, because 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer is something that’ll eliminate or filter out vibrations caused by external forces. Your camera won’t shake anymore.

The PowerEgg, in waterproof gear, lands elegantly on the water in this photo.
PowerEgg in Waterproof gear doing a water-landing. Know any other drones that can pull that off?
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance: This drone is smart enough to avoid a collision when in a drone-mode. It is similar to self-driving cars, where they’re capable of collision detection and avoidance. 
  • Additionally, precise landing is yet another feature, which makes this drone amazing. A safe and soft landing is essential for every flying object. This drone is smart enough to land precisely on the ground or water.

Don’t these features excite you already?  I’m telling you, this is a very cool drone to have when your out on the boat for the weekend.

PowerEgg Aerial Drone Technical/Hardware Specifications

It’s time to take a more in-depth look at the technical and hardware specifications of PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard water-landing drone. They’re for pro and advanced users, who’re into technical stuff. Knowing its hardware specifications is right for you if you’re a savvy shopper.

  • Camera: It houses an Ultra HD camera capable of capturing images in up to 4K resolution. In the case of video, it can shoot 4K videos with up to 60fps. FYI, this is insanely amazing.
  • Chipset: It’s worth mentioning about the aerial drone’s chipset, this drone has a:
    • 13-core multiprocessor
    • 5-core high-performance CPU
    • Single-core GPU
    • 4-core DSP
    • Dual-core neural network engine booster
    • Single-core MCU

The hash rate is as high as one can get. It all together gives a massive boost to the performance. Forget freezing and hanging hardware. It’ll operate as smoothly as silk. 

  • Extended battery life: The battery lasts for up to 3.5 hours. With such a massive battery backup, you’ll get tired on your trip, but your drone won’t.
  • More extended communication: It can transfer data to the devices that are far away up to 3.7 miles. Therefore, you can let it fly away that far, without any issues. However, it’d be troublesome if your drone goes out of range. So be cautious!
  • Access from a smartphone: Yeah, of course, you’ll control the drone from your smartphone. Other than that, you can do a lot of stuff in its smartphone app. Some of its functions include editing and sharing.

Who should buy this gadget?

After learning the extraordinary features and capacity of PowerEgg X Wizard water-landing drone, you might think it’s a good deal for you. Don’t worry; it’s straightforward to conclude if you should buy it or not. Let’s take a look to see who should go for it.

Professionals, including those into the film industry, the photography industry, and other related businesses, should go for it. It’d be great to kick start your business or take it to new heights. Since the camera and features deliver quality, owning such an asset will be a huge plus for your profession and career.

If you’re enthusiastic and passionate about quality media, this is the underwater drone for you. Take it to a boating trip or any marine trip; it’ll prove great use. By having such a product by your side on your boating trip, you can capture moments and sceneries that you couldn’t with a DSLR.


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Making use of this product in public will let leave an astonishing impression. Show-off and brag about it in front of your friends and relatives. It’ll give a massive blow to those who are jealous of you.

For research purposes, this product once again comes in handy. Gathering data and other footage becomes much more comfortable. You can make the drone reach to the places, where you’re unable to go personally. In terms of education, this is very useful. Nevertheless, these are just secondary uses.

What you should focus on are professional and recreational purposes. For the most ordinary people, a boat trip is a perfect example and situation, where this gadget can show its full potential.

Those people who’re passionate about filming and photography can manage to capture mind-blowing media. Especially college students, teenagers, and young adults, who’re into photography nowadays, this device is just for you.

Since PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone fits perfectly in almost all people’s lives, there’s no denying the fact that you should go for it.

A wet, waterproof drone takes off from floating on the water's surface.
A wet, waterproof drone takes off from floating on the water’s surface. Welcome to the PowerEgg.

Elegant characteristics to the aerial drone spice things up

After looking at the exciting and unique features and the technical/hardware specifications, there is something more about this product that’ll further spice up. 

  • The stylish design resembles an egg. Hence the name “PowerEgg.” Since it possesses many powerful features, it won’t be incorrect to say that the product is sure no less than a beast. Its design is undoubtedly breathtaking. The smooth outer body delivers a charming touch and feel. 

In terms of its color, white is cool. Generally, people prefer black color over any other color. However, the truth is that black-colored products tend to make use of recycled materials. It degrades its quality as well as life expectancy. The off-white colored drone will perfectly blend in the environment. It gives a fresh smooth-type feel.


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  • Powerful hardware is something that every user seeks. There is no way you’re going to face any technical issues. Hanging and freezing are the most common and frustrating problems witnessed in electronic equipment.
  • You can say that the gadget is durable. Expect it to last for years. However, you must handle it with extreme care.  It is, after all, high-end electronics.
  • This drone is extremely lightweight. It doesn’t weigh more than 1.2 lb. Therefore, you can easily pack and carry in your backpack without worrying about back pain. 
  • Its mobile app can work on iOS and Android operating systems only. Most of the people possess smartphones with either of the OS.
  • The power consumption is meager. Imagine that you can fully charge the drone with a 50 W adapter.
The PowerEgg - it's a drone, it's a camera, it can land on water!
The PowerEgg – it’s a drone, it’s a camera, it can land on water!

Should I go for it?

It’s natural to be confused. Now that you’ve learned that you’re a potential user of this superb product, you must be thinking whether you should go for it. Continue reading and find out yourself.

  1. If you love to go out on boating or marine trips, believe it or not, this gadget will surpass all your expectations. Staying on the boat minimizes the chances of capturing rare and incredible scenic beauty. But, by having this tool by your side, you can capture moments from various angles. Imagine your picture taken from high above the ground. It’ll be so unique and unusual.
  2. When you’re on a boat and want to see stuff far away, you can use this gadget. Simply launch it to act as a surveillance drone. If you believe you saw a mermaid far away, who knows if you could capture it in this drone?
  3. The level of fun on a boat with this gadget is unbelievable. If you’ve got lazy kids at your home, then this will be an excellent opportunity to take them out to get some sunshine. Since the trip will be a lot more fun than ever, your kids will love to play with this boating tech toy.
  4. If someone special in your life could use an excellent gift like this drone, you can bestow this product upon them. They’ll be left speechless when they receive such an astonishing device.

There are several other reasons to buy the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone. If you believe that it’s in your budget, then there are no negative reasons to back off. Even if you think that this gadget is out of your league, maybe some other person may find it refreshing. Try gifting them!

PowerEgg X Wizard. An Autonomous, waterproof, water-landing drone that turns into a smart camera. Incredible.

Advantages of PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone

Now, its time to take a more in-depth look at the advantages of this great product. This drone’s advantageous nature means the benefits of owning this gadget over a regular camera are quite distinct.

  • Using this gadget will let you capture moments from a wide variety of angles. You’ll get a much wider area to obtain videos. You can snap a picture from an aerial view, which is not possible with a digital handheld camera.  And it isn’t possible with your smartphone either.
  • Not only is it designed for aerial purposes, but it also works like a standard camera. Therefore, you don’t need to own different types of cameras for various purposes. This flying drone can easily replace your pre-existing camera. Let it fly, hold in hand, or fix it on the stand. That’s amazing. Isn’t it?  We think it’s pretty cool.
  • Since it’s a beautiful gift item, presenting it to the suitable person can improve your relations with them. Giving it to your in-laws will make your wife cry in joy. You know a happy wife is a key to a happy marriage life!
  • Kids will love to play with this gadget. When they know its several uses, they’ll always be up for a boating trip. It’s worth buying just for how much fun it is to use in terms of mental health. Your children will also learn a lot of stuff while on boating excursions and operating this aerial drone that can land on water.
  • Owning this product can help you improve your reputation. It is a unique item that isn’t bought by every person. Since it’s a fantastic gadget, people will pay attention to you when using it in public. You can say that it’ll improve your social status in the society. 
  • There is no way that this product is going to be outdated anytime shortly. The hardware and features are so advanced that the rivals will take several years to catch up. So, don’t expect that this technology will become obsolete anytime soon. Using this product is like living in the future.

Disadvantages of PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Aerial Drone

All the advantages are pretty impressive! Aren’t they? However, in reality, there are some disadvantages too. It’d be great if you’re well aware of them before you buy the drone.  After all, we appreciate honest reviews, and we’re pretty sure you do too. For instance:

  • Buying the drone will make you responsible for its care. You must handle it with extreme care. Or else, it won’t last long. For example, you can’t smash the drone on rocks.
  • It’ll be troublesome if somehow your drone goes out of range while using it. You have to be double or triple cautious.  So, test your comfortable range first time out in a secure area to retrieve it if needed.
  • The product is useless during windy days or in a windy environment. If the wind speed is more than 22 miles per hour (10m/s), do not attempt to use the DRONE MODE.
  • Being hit from a random aerial object will again be troublesome. Even though it has collision detection and avoidance system, it is out of your control if a random flying bird hits it from the back.
  • Scratches on the camera can quickly degrade the media quality. Make sure that your drone doesn’t encounter any kind of physical damage anyhow.  For example, don’t fly the drone into a brick wall.
  • If you’re asked by your friends or relatives to borrow the gadget for some time, it’ll be tough to say, “NO.” Lending this gadget to anyone even for an hour is extremely dangerous.  You know how people can be, don’t you?
  • There is a possibility that you might drop the drone due to its egg shape.  Of course, this would only happen if your hands were greasy or something, right?
  • The suitable working temperature range of the drone is 32 – 104 F. Temperature beyond the spectrum can cause severe irreversible effects.
  • Using the drone on a low battery is very dangerous. You can’t predict what can go wrong if it runs out of power in mid-air.  Keep the drone charged and keep a spare battery to swap when needed.
PowerEgg – A smart, autonomous drone. Waterproof. Handheld. Brilliant.

Who shouldn’t buy this water-landing aerial drone?

Luckily, there’s a list of types of people who mustn’t go for this gadget. Being the type of person from the list might be sad if you want this drone. See if you’re one of them.

  • One of the primary reasons for not getting into this purchase is if you’re short of money. It can seem as though this product is out of your budget. If you’re confident that you can save a couple of bucks and make it up, you’re good to go. However, don’t push yourself due to lack of money.
  • People who’re not at all interested in boating or outing trips may avoid purchasing the drone. Alternatively, if you’re into going out on other flights and vacations, it’s a handy tool.
  • If you don’t like to preserve memories, then there is no point in buying the drone. However, it’d be a sporadic case where a person wouldn’t want to take pictures or shoot videos on a trip or a vacation. 
  • There is no point in buying this device if you’re a sluggish person and don’t care about the real world. If you’re just into yourself, then there is no way you can make use of such a wonderful gadget.

What Can We Conclude?

After considering all the facts, here’s what we can conclude. If you don’t fall under the “Who shouldn’t buy this product?” list, then you can happily go for it. Buying the gadget won’t be a hustle, since it’s available online, and you can order it to receive the delivery in the comfort of your home.

Secondly, after studying all the features, there’s no way that the gadget doesn’t impress you. If you’re even a little crazy about gadgets and technology, you’ll figure out how fresh and impressive this product is. In addition to that, consider the hardware that this beast possesses. The water-resistant flying drone can land on the water with all the latest technology that modern science offers us. There’s no way that it’ll be outdated anytime soon.


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Next, there are a lot of advantages and benefits associated with the product. Ownership will be ridiculously fun too. Since it’s a great sidekick for every boating trip, you’re likely to want to purchase this boating gadget we’ve found.

Therefore, if everything’s positive, it won’t be incorrect to say that the PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard water-landing drone is worth buying. It becomes necessary if you’re a boating trip lover or into any filming and photography enthusiast. 

Since it’s an all-purpose camera that is useful for almost every individual in this world, it’s worth buying. However, in the end, it’s all your decision if you want to go for it or not. There’s no point in exaggerating things!

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