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Who Makes Each Brand of Catamaran and Where They’re Built

Who Makes Each Brand of Catamaran and Where They’re Built by Boating.guide

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Boating Guide Presents: Who Makes Each Brand of Catamaran and Where They’re Built. Catamarans are gaining popularity among seasoned sailors. Their speed and reliability made them the top choice for family cruises and long distances voyages. Let’s dig deeper into their fabrication, shall we?

Among the acclaimed Catamaran brands is Lagoon, Privilege, Gemini, Bali, Seawind, Leopard, Gunboat, and Balance. These companies manufacture their watercraft around France, parts of the US, Southeast Asia, and Africa. 

Who Makes Each Brand of Catamaran and Where They’re Built by Boating.guide

Top Catamarans: Who Makes Each Brand of Catamaran and Where They’re Built

  1. Lagoon – is a boat building company d in Bordeaux, France.
  2. Privilege- builds their Privilege Marines boats in their boatyard in Les Sables D’Ollone, France.
  3. Gemini – is manufactured by Hunter Marine Corporation; building their boats are in Largo, Florida.
  4. Bali- is made by the CATANA Group; with a shipyard in Canet en Roussillon, France
  5. Seawind – Corsair Marine manufactures for this brand. They make their boats in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
  6. Leopard – is built by 2 top design teams, Robertson and Caine and Naval Architects Simonis Voogd, and they make their boats in Woodstock, South Africa.
  7. Gunboat- Owned by Grand Large Yachting, their production is at La Grande Motte, France.
  8. Balance – Most of their flagship models are in collaboration with Nexus Yacht. Their shipyard is mainly in Cape Town, South Africa.

Read more about what makes each brand unique and its famous flagship models.

Lagoon Catamaran

Lagoon catamaran was born out of a request from a Hollywood film Waterworld to build trimarans. Since then, they have banked on cutting-edge technology to create the best boat. They have also incorporated a sustainable type of boat by adding solar panels and electric engines. (source

Best Lagoon Catamaran

Lagoon 40

This boat provides more value for money. Although not as expensive as the other type of Lagoon catamaran, the watercraft can still give great design with functional appliances. (source)


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Lagoon 440 

This boat can maximize volume to provide more space for the family. Like other designs, the interior and design are beautiful and carefully laid out. The downside- it is on the heavy side, and some may not like the pill-box square design. (source)

Lagoon 450 F

The 45 feet boat marries luxury, style, and comfort. The ample space allows the boat to accommodate 8 to 12 people. The design is functional where you can access the bridge, engine control, and steering station in seconds. (source)

Privilege Catamaran

The boat company is dedicated to research and technology to create the best boat that allows its owners to sail style and efficiency immediately. The company stands by being authentic, unique, and making an iconic brand. (source)

Best Privilege Catamaran

Privilege 615

If you like an elegant wood finish Privilege, 615 is for you. The boat is reliable for offshore sailing with its advanced navigation system. Its well-thought design enables navigation while conversing with friends and family. (source)

Privilege 435

Tony Smith from the United Kingdom founded the company as he brought his family to sail across the Atlantic. He got the love of catamaran in United Stated, and ever since then, the brand has remained an all-American trusted brand. Their goal is to build a boat not just for the sailors but for their entire family. (source)

Gemini Catamaran

Tony Smith from the United Kingdom founded the company. He is known for sailing across the Atlantic with his family. He brought the love of catamaran to United Stated, and ever since then, the brand has remained an all-American trusted brand. Their goal is to build a boat not just for the sailors but for their entire family. (source)

Best Gemini Catamaran

Gemini 105 MC

This catamaran brings in more value for money. The 35 feet catamaran is best for weekend sailing or long sail life on the seas. The boat’s definition is somewhat like a cabin making its owner feel cozy, safe, and comfortable. (source)


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Gemini Freestyle 399 Power 

The newest model Gemini has to offer. It is a catamaran in steroids. It has a Suzuki motor DF20A that allows it to sail at 22.5 knots. The design is luxurious and functional. The open cockpit allows you to steer the boat while talking to friends. (source)

Bali Catamaran

Under the CATANA Group, Bali catamaran anchors its brand through years of research and development. Their core is performance, innovation, and comfort. They use the latest technology to find the best material to build cutting-edge sailboats. They also make sure that they produce comfortable and safe boats by prioritizing interior and external fittings. (source)

Best Bali Catamaran

Bali 4.1

The open plan allows everyone to have fun and party in style. It is also both a sailing and motor yacht. It has big windows and a place for sunbathing. (source)

Bali 5.4

The cockpit has direct access to the saloon, a flagship model that provides space, allowing entertainment while navigating. Just take note of the high helm stand results in the smaller mainsail. (source)

Seawind Catamaran

An experienced pro sailboat Richard Wards created Seawind. Their design philosophy is for long sails in the sea, even for the not-so-experienced sailors. They also adhere to maximizing space while providing good indoor and outdoor areas. (source)

Best Seawind Catamaran

Seawind 1260

Created by its founder Richard Ward, this model is the perfect combination of what a catamaran should be. It is stylish and efficient; it allows its owner to entertain friends and family for a daysail and allows it for an extended sail offshore. (source)

Seawind 1600

It is not your usual catamaran with its 52 ft length. People seem skeptical about its size and are afraid it may be harder to control. However, the innovative and intelligent design allowed Seawind to create a state-of-the-art boat that could accommodate 14 people yet be functional for any oceanic adventure. (source)


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Leopard Catamaran

It is one of the catamaran brands certified in Europe and America. They take their designs seriously, from the sailing power to its living space. Their materials and techniques are well thought out and backed by science resulting in a spacious, robust, and high-performing boat. (source)

Best Leopard Catamaran

Leopard 48

Designed by Simonis-Voogd, this is one of the top contenders for the best catamaran for 2021 after numerous reviews. The designers made plenty of innovations like new technology to make the boat lightweight and streamlined for long cruises and voyages. (source)

Leopard 45

Robertson and Caine designed this model. This boat design is adjusted to provide the not-so-ordinary four-cabin space. They also increased the cabin top, which gives the boat an angular and sharper look. The open cockpit offers easy access while stirring; however, it may be an issue for kids and dogs. (source)

Gunboat Catamaran

Owned by Grand Large Yachting, Gunboat catamarans are built for spacious and comfortable living while using the latest race boat technology. The combination of functionality and science makes Gunboat a leader in innovation for catamaran design. (source)

Best Gunboat Catamaran

Gunboat 62

It is another contender for the best catamaran for 2021. This boat is suitable for a long voyage out in the sea as it is sturdy yet lightweight. Space also provides sailors to pack more gear and equipment. Like all of the love for speed Gunboat models, this boat can reach up to 20 knots. (source)

Gunboat 57

This watercraft is another lightweight-designed boat that promotes safety, simplicity, and accessibility. More like a luxury cruiser, this boat can also be suitable for sailing with family or participating in races. (source)

Balance Catamaran

This company is led and designed by seasoned sailors in the world. They value design, safety, and comfort over aesthetics. They are also a few brands that offer buyer specifications before building the boat. The result is a bespoke boat that perfectly suits the customer’s wants and needs. (source)


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Best Balance Catamaran

Balance 526

As mentioned, no two Balance cats are the same. Each boat undergoes customization to align with the owner’s specifications. Owners can add more systems in navigations or allocate living space according to the owner’s priority. However, all Balance 526 is a lightweight material that allows safe short hand blue water sailing. (source)


While many companies make catamaran boats, always look for those built by credible and respected designers and builders. Each company has its flagship models representing its beliefs and ideas for the perfect catamaran boat. Your job as a sailor is to choose a catamaran that matches your vision for that ideal catamaran.


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