Bayliner Boats Resale Values Explained (With Examples)

A used Bayliner boat is shown in this file photo.
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Bayliner boats are a fantastic option if you’re looking to enjoy your marine trip with your friends and family. A new Bayliner boat might be out of budget, but here’s a piece of good news! You can always opt for the used boats for sale, which you can acquire at a low price. Low prices don’t always indicate low quality. It’s safe to buy from a person who takes good care of the boat or from a trusted boat dealer.

However, there are several reasons, which depreciates its resale values, but what could those be? Any Bayliner boat will fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Day Cruising
  2. Watersports
  3. Fishing
  4. Cruising (with an overnight option)

The wide availability of used Bayliner boats in the markets is one of the primary reasons for the reduced resale prices. Additionally, Bayliner carries a reputation of making low-quality boats in the ’70s and ’80s, which further aids the low resale value fact.

If you’re looking for a guide on Bayliner boats’ resale values, keep reading this article until the end. It explains a lot of things in a fun and exciting way!

Used Bayliner Boats- Models and Resale Values

Amazingly, you can buy a used Bayliner boat for as low as $1800 (but with several defects, of course) in the United States. We’ll now take a look at various models and their make year and pricing, which are available on the internet for sale. Below are some of the entry-level boats, which are budget-friendly and considered normal in size.

ModelMake YearPrice (Approx.)Quick DetailsLocation
CAPRI Bowrider1991$3,000– 85 HP motor
– Comes with a Bimini top and Hummingbird fish finder.
– Rides on a single axle trailer.Has a spare tire.
– Length: 18 feet
Lake Havasu City, United States
OB Bowrider1985$3,000 – Mariner 40 HP Magnum Engine
– Includes trailer with the deal
– The capacity of 6 passengers
– Length: 14 feet
Keego Harbor, MI
2002 Trophy Walkaround Cuddy1994$4,000– The deal includes only a boat and trailer.
– The engine isn’t included in the deal.
– Length: 21 feet
– Fuel Type: Gas
– Hull made of fiberglass
Cape Romain Marine10129 Hwy 17 NMcClellanville, SC, 29458United States
Rare wide beam 1988 Bayliner 26551988$2,800– Requires a coil
– A capacity of 4 adults and two kids
– Updated cabin cushions and carpets
– New Captain’s seat
– The deal doesn’t include the trailer
Huntington Station, New York, United States
1989 Bayliner 3288 Motoryacht1989$5,500– Sports fisherman type Bayliner boat
– Doesn’t include a generator, but the wiring is done for it
– Requires a swim platform
Huntington Station, New York, United States
1985 Bayliner1985$8,000– Used, still in perfect condition
– Lake ready
– Suited for freshwater
– Uses fiberglass in the hull
– Operates on the gas fuel
– V8 Chevy 350 engine
– Includes aluminum trailer three axles
– Length: 27 feet
Dalton, Georgia, United States
The above examples were found in December of 2020.

Larger Bayliner Boat Models

If you’re looking for bigger boats, then here’s another list. However, the prices will increase drastically, even if they’re all used boats. Let’s take a look at a few models!

ModelMake YearPrice (Approx.)Quick Details
Bayliner 3870 Motoryacht1987$55,000– Length: 40 feet
– 8KW Diesel Generator
– Total canvas (up and below)
– Dual steering stations
– Electric heaters and A/C
Bayliner Ciera 28.52001$32,500 – Overall length: 29 feet
– Not used too much (actual hours to be determined)
– Requires restorative work
– Brand new Rocket trailer
Bayliner Ciera 28581999$27,000– Overall length: 30 feet
– Engine hours: 180 hours
– Doesn’t include the trailer and Bimini top
Bayliner 195 SE2007$25,000– Overall length: 20 feet
– Total of 200 engine hours
– Extended swim platform
– Stock Bimini cover
– Ready to sail!
Bayliner 1922007$22,000– Immaculate boat
– New motor installed with 2 hours
– Full canvas passenger enclosure
– New tires
– Overall length: 19
Bayliner 28551993$12,500– Overall length: 28 feet
– Excellent condition with 0 engine hours
– Jasper 5.7 engine
– Full canvas
– Radar and GPS
The above examples were found in December of 2020.

Bayliner has a couple of popular models, which you might be interested in looking at and doing some investigation. For instance, the Bayliner 175 Bowrider is very famous among first-time boat riders. Let’s take a look at some of them available on the internet for sale. (All the models below are available in the United States.)

  1. 2003 Bayliner 175 Bowrider 18 feet ($8,000 approx.)
  2. 2004 Bayliner 175 Bowrider 18 feet ($7,000 approx.)
  3. 2015 Bayliner 175 Bowrider 18 feet ($16,000)
  4. 2012 Bayliner 175 Bowrider 17 feet ($22,500 approx.)
  5. 2016 Bayliner 175 Bowrider 18 feet ($17,500)

Bayliner Common Issues

Used Bayliner boat buyers should cautiously take care of some of the common issues. Even if purchasing from a trusted source, precaution is better than cure! We’ll take a look at some of these issues now.

The issues below are also a significant cause for the reduced resale values of the Bayliner boats.

  1. Generator and or motor issues
  2. Wiring and other electrical issues
  3. Physically damaged

Trusted Sources to Purchase Bayliner Boats

Locally buying any used Bayliner boat can be very risky. If you decide to look for a suitable product on the internet, you should probably approach the trusted sources only. Several unreliable websites are promising to sell top-notch used Bayliner boats. But, here are a few trusted websites you can always rely on (with a grain of salt).

  1. eBay

eBay is a popular destination to buy and sell new as well as used products. One can easily find a few Bayliner boats, as per the needs.

  1. Craigslist

Rated as one of the best websites from where US citizens can purchase used boats. The website lists a variety of used Bayliner boat models, which are available at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, many retired navy officials sell their Bayliner boats, which is again one of the trusted sources. 

  1. Boattrader is one of the United States premiere boat selling websites. Many of the boats on this site have inflated pricing though, likely due to the site’s trusted appeal. Sometimes you can find a good deal here, but for a used boat you still need to do your due diligence.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Used Boat?

A rickety old wooden boat is shown in this file photo.
This old wreck is definitely not a used Bayliner. Make sure you do your due diligence when buying used.

It’s great that you’ve decided to go for a second-hand Bayliner and save money. However, it’d be troublesome if the boat was not up to the mark. To avoid inconvenience, it’s probably a good idea to know what you should be looking for when buying a used Bayliner boat (or any other boat).

  1. Usage History
  2. Servicing and Maintenance Records
  3. Total Hours Of The Boat
  4. Physical Damage
  5. Freebies
  6. Professional Inspection

Let’s elaborate on them a little bit!

Usage History

Usage history means how much time the boat has spent in the water. Additionally, in what type(s) of water has the boat sailed. If the boat has spent more time in saltwater, it’s likely to gain a lot of damage compared to what it’ll gain from freshwater.

Usage history also helps in learning any previous issues. Learn the previous owners’ experience. Did they face any issues? Was the boat a good buddy for them?

Servicing And Maintenance Records

Many people ignore this part, while many feel shame in asking such things. It’ll help you learn any past service(s) and maintenance(s) that the boat potentially went through. Frequent services are good, but on the other hand, indicate risk. It can also indicate manufacturing defects, which took the boat to the mechanic.

Services and maintenance records also help learn how nicely the previous owner(s) have taken care of the boat. After all, who’d want to buy a piece of junk at such a high price?

Total Hours Of The Boat

It means that you MUST check the engine thoroughly. An average boat is expected to complete 50 hours every year. Knowing how many hours the boat has completed will help you in estimating its real value. But don’t just rely on the hour meter as it can be easily manipulated to give incorrect readings. It can be reset or disconnected with ease.

Start the engine and check whether it runs rough, makes a lot of noise, and causes vibrations. Additionally, look after any leakage and corrosion.

Physical Damage

Physical appearance isn’t enough. Ensure that there aren’t any holes, leakage, or any other kind of damage to the body. There are a lot of blind spots, which most people ignore or forget to check. Even minor damage can depreciate the boat’s value dramatically. 


Other than the boat itself, what else are you getting in the deal? Is the trailer included? Extra set of tires? Generator? Any other additional accessories? If yes, then check out if the person isn’t overcharging you in the name of freebies.

Professional Inspection

The seller may or may not opt for a professional inspection at the time of the deal. If you’re a novice, inexperienced, or merely cautious, you can take the help of a professional who can inspect the boat for any faults. Additionally, the guy can also give a much correct price estimate, so you don’t get fooled by the seller.

The Final Thought

It’s safe to conclude that a new Bayliner boat isn’t a good investment at all. If you’re looking forward to a marine trip, opt for a decent used piece instead. Because Bayliner boats are readily available, you don’t have to hustle much to find a perfect match for yourself.

The ’70s and 80’s Bayliner boats are said to be of low quality. So, it’s always advisable to aim for at least 90’s or later models. Newer the model, the higher the price!


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